After you obtain the strength Glove you"ll be able to access the northeastern section of the map which has actually Zora"s Waterfall and the Waterfall the Wishing (also recognized as the mysterious Pond). To reach this location you"ll want to head northeast from Link"s residence towards the Magic Shop. If you have the Flute you can fast travel come the Magic Shop.

Before you move a muscle if friend don"t have Zora"s Flippers OR 500 Rupees obtain one the those two points first. I can overview you to get the Flippers really quick if you don"t have actually them but they"ll require 500 Rupees come get. Once you do have either that those 2 things, you might continue...

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On the east side that the Magic Shop you"ll find a huge boulder the you have the right to now lift since you have actually the power Gloves.


Lift the boulder and follow the straight path - wrecking the stack rocks with your Pegasus Boots till you come throughout an area through a lot of water and a waterfall. Because that those that have actually never been below before, this is the Waterfall that Wishing. Ns am swimming just external the entrance to the Waterfall in the photo below.

In bespeak to with the Waterfall in former of me and swim in depths waters you"ll first need the Zora"s Flippers. If friend don"t currently have lock - don"t worry I didn"t just waste her time because that nothing! The Flippers you choose up right roughly the corner! click one the the many Zora"s Flippers links to read that guide on just how to gain them.


Inside the well of Wishing you"ll be given an option to toss various pieces the your equipment inside that the swimming pool of water. You have the right to toss practically anything in and a fairy will certainly pop out and also hand the item ago to you. Part items though she"ll asking if you"re the one who tossed castle in or not.

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Reply yes to her once she asks and also instead of offering you the specific item girlfriend tossed into the well earlier to girlfriend she"ll hand girlfriend an upgraded variation of it. You can throw in your Fighter"s Shield i beg your pardon the fairy will replace with a Red Shield that can block Fireball attacks.

You can likewise throw in your Boomerang i beg your pardon the fairy will change with the wonder Boomerang that goes faster and also further than your ahead one. Ultimately you"re able to litter in a Magic party which the fairy will instantly fill v a eco-friendly Potion for you.


Additional Note: also though the Fairy in Lake Hylia speak you to come here to raise her Bomb/Arrow capacity more - you can"t. This Fairy never allows you to rise your capacity any type of further 보다 the one top top Lake Hylia did.