Password MachineWin the professional Cup. The Password an equipment can currently be accessed in the Duel Shop through tapping the slot an equipment on the left. The Password machine allows friend to type in the ID variety of a card you have and insert it into the video game (for 1000 KC). Passwords will only occupational if friend have acquired at least 80% that the fill it comes in (you have the map list) or the map is on her card list (total). You deserve to only obtain one copy the a card, and no God cards.

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PasswordsEnter among the complying with passwords in ~ the Password maker to active the matching fuction:ResultPasswordCredits00000375Sound test57300000
Note: once you unlock all the booster packs and also get them in ~ 80% you will acquire a letter on your computer system saying the password "57300000". Girlfriend must have actually at least 1,000 KCP to use the password machine. Doing for this reason will give you access to the game"s music tracks. The 1,000 points the you paid will certainly be returned to you.The following passwords can additionally be gone into into the Password machine at a cost of 1,000 KCP, however only if you already have the corresponding card. Every code can only be supplied one time:CardPassword7 fancy Fish23771716 infant Dragon88819587 large Eye16768387Blue eye White Dragon89631139 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon53183600 lock Walls44209392 adjust of Heart04031928 Dark Fire Soldier #105388481 Dark Hole53129443 De-Spell19159413Fake Trap03027001 Fissure66788016Gearfried the stole Knight00423705 gigantic Trunade42703248 Harpie"s Brother30532390 Hysteric Fairy21297224 Island Turtle04042268 judge Man30113682 just Desserts24068492 La Jinn the Mystical Genie that the Lamp97590747Lady Panther38480590 lord of Destruction17985575 Magic Jammer77414722 Magician"s Circle00050755 Maha Vailo93013676 Malevolent Nuzzler99597615 Manga Ryu-Ran38369349 Monster Reborn83764718 Mountain50913601Mystical space Typhoon05318639 Ookazi19523799Penguin Soldier93920745 Polymerization24094653 Red-Eyes black Dragon74677422 Reinforcements17814387 sirloin Recklessly70046172 Sangan26202165Scapegoat73915051 Shield & Sword52097679 quiet Magician Level 473665146 silent Magician Level 872443568 The Flute of Summoning Dragon43973174 The reliable Guardian16430187 The Ring that Magnetism20436034 Time Wizard71625222 Toon Mermaid65458948 Toon Summoned Skull91842653 Toon World15259703 catch Hole04206964 ultimate Offering80604091
All God cards (Japanese version)Enter 735409784657 together a password to gain all God cards.Slifer the sky Dragon (Japanese version)Enter 769696675464 together a password to gain Slifer the skies Dragon.Wing Koriboh cardsHave the game Boy advancement game Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy in the cartridge slot to start with 3 Wing Koriboh cards.Getting desired cardsWhile you space in the house, conserve the game. Go to the store and also make sure you have enough money to buy a pack of cards. If the card you desire is no in the pack, rotate of the DS. Revolve the game ago on and you will be earlier at the house. Go ago to the store and also you will still have all her money. Repeat this until obtaining the desired card.Registering together a duelistAfter beating a Duelist eight times, he or she will certainly ask girlfriend if they have the right to register you together a Duelist. If you say "Yes", girlfriend can select whether or no you desire to play lock the following time you encounter them.Easy KC and experienceDuel Tea Gardner as many times as possible until she asks to be your friend. Price "Yes" and you will be able to duel her non avoid until evening. Come get an ext KC and also experience, try this with various other feeble or weak characters, such as Serenity and also Mokuba.Never duel complicated duelistsAll the straightforward duelists are out in the daytime. Once it turns to evening, go to your house and also go to the shop. Do this until it turns to night. Walk to her house and sleep. It will certainly be morning again and also you can duel less complicated duelists as soon as again.Winning in ~ Rock, Paper, ScissorsWhen dueling against an opponent and also you perform Rock, Paper, Scissors, psychic what friend did in a vault duel and use the one that have the right to defeat what you used last time.
Deck damage Virus and also Deck Devastation Virus cardsOn the map Deck damage Virus, it reflects the snapshot and summary of Deck Devastation Virus and vice-versa. However, once they room played they use the result of the card called at the optimal of the screen.Aqua Chorus card mistakeIf friend look in ~ the surname of the Aqua Chorus map carefully, that reads "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on the card rather of "Aqua Chorus".Blue medication card mistakeThe description of the Blue medication card reads that both you and also your opponent gain 400 LP; yet after the card is played only you obtain 400 LP.Sage"s stone card mistakeThe summary of the Sage"s stone card reads "Sage"s Jewel", however on the actual card itself it has the correct name.MisspellingAt the Duel Base, Roland says "Duerist" instead of "Duelist".

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BC Victory load card listNote: friend will obtain this pack after win the Beginner"s Cup Tournament; it has three cards.

Silent Magician LV4The Graveyard in the 4th DimensionMagician"s Circle

Beautiful Challenger load card list

Abyss SoldierAgidoAirknight ParshathAmazon ArcherCatapult TurtleCyber HarpieDark SageDes KoalaEnraged battle OxExiled ForceFire PrincessGetsu FuhmaHarpie Lady 1Harpie Lady 2Harpie Lady 3HelpoemerJowgen the SpiritualistJowls that Dark DemiseLittle-WingaurdMagician"s ValkyrieMarie the please OneSlate WarriorSwift Gaia the Fierce KnightThe Forgiving MaidenThe dissatisfied GirlTsukuyomiYata-GarasuZolgaSt. JoanBig Bang ShotCost DownDimension MagicDragonic AttackEnchanted ArrowFusion knife Murasame BladeHarpies" searching GroundHeart of the UnderdogMass DriverNitro UnitSnatch StealSpiritual energy Settle MachineTriangle Ecstasy SparkBark the Dark RulerBlind DestructionDestruction PunchFairy BoxGravity BindLife soaking up MachineMagic DrainRiryoku FieldRope that LifeShift

Broken Seal pack card list

Celtic GuardianCurse of DragonDark RabbitGaia The Fierce KnightGiant Soldier that StoneHeadless KnightIllusionist Faceless MageLeft eight of the Forbidden OneLeft leg of the Forbidden OneMetal GuardianMokey MokeyMolten BehemothPrevent RatRight eight of the Forbidden OneRight foot of the Forbidden OneSorcerer of the DoomedThe Portrait"s SecretThree-Headed GeedoTyhoneWinged Dragon, Guardian that the Fortress #1BowganianBuster BladerCrimson NinjaDimensional WarriorExodia the Forbidden OneMagician the FaithMaha VailoTimeaterWhite miracle HatGaia the Dragon ChampionAcid RainBlock AttackBook of secret ArtsBright CastleEradicating AerosolFinal FlameGraceful DiceHinotamaMesmeric ControlParalyzing PotionRing that MagnetismSeal of the AncientsSoul ReleaseStim-PackTribute come the DoomedWarrior EliminationChain DestructionFairy"s Hand MirrorLightforce SwordMagical ThornSkull DiceWaboku

Chosen Warrior load card list

Big KoalaBreaker the miracle WarriorByser ShockD.D. Warrior LadyDes KangarooFiber JarMarshmallowSasuke Samurai #3Dark PaladinMaster of Dragon SoldierMaster of OzAfter the StruggleAmplifierArray the Revealing LightCard ShuffleConvulsion that NatureDark HoleDark Room of NightmareDiffusion Wave-MotionDimension FusionEnemy ControllerFlintInferno Fire BlastLevel border - Area BMage PowerMarshmallow GlassesOverpowering EyeReasoningSage"s StoneShield CrashSpecial HurricaneSpell ReproductionSpiral Spear StrikeStumblingSwords that Concealing LightTerraformingThe an enig of the BanditTimidityUnion AttackAdhesion trap HoleCalamity of the WickedCorpse the Yata-GarasuCurse that AnubisDark mirror ForceDestruction RingDisappearInterdimensional issue TransporterNightmare WheelNon Aggression AreaOrdeal of a TravelerSpatial CollapseSpell Shield Ytpe-8

Cursed Darkness pack card list

Fiend KrakenGiant Red SeasnakeJellyfishKairyu-ShinMystic HorsemanThe Earl of DemiseThe gun Ghost the Fled DreamsThe Illusory GentlemanCommand KnightElectromagnetic BagwormGranadoraJigen BakudanKryuelMaiden of the AquaNimble MomongaObnoxious Celtic GuardPanther WariorThe legendary FishermanRabid HorsemanThousand-Eyes RestrictRelinquishedA legend OceanBlack Illusion RitualChorus that SanctuaryDe-FusionGround CollapseProhibitionSilent FiendAppropriateArmored GlassBad Reaction to SimochiCall that the HauntedDriving SnowEnchanted JavelinForced RequisitionGambleGorgon"s EyeGustMagic-Arm ShieldMajor RiotMetal DetectorMichizureMinor Goblin OfficialMystic ProbeSeven tools of the BanditSolemn JudgmentSolemn WishesSolomon"s LawbookThe Eye the TruthTornado WallWidespread RuinWorld Suppression

Devised Tactics pack card list

Ojama BlackOjama GreenOjama YellowBlack Luster Soldier-Envoy of the BeginingD.D. AssailantStealth BirdOjama KingAutonomous action UnitButterfly Dagger - ElmaDouble AttackEmblem the Dragon DestroyerGift that the MartyrGravity Axe - GrarlMega Ton magical CannonMetamorphosisMirage the NightmareOjama Delta Hurricane!!Rod of silence - Kay"estShifting ShadowsShooting Star Bow - CealToken ThanksgivingTwin Swords of Flashing irradiate - TryceUnited we StandWicked-Breaking Flambrerge - BaouA Hero EmergesAnti-SpellBegone, Knave!Blasting the RuinsChain DisappearanceCurse the DarknessCursed Seal that the Forbidden SpellDes CounterblowDisarmamentDraining ShieldElemental BurstEnergy DrainExhausting SpellFiend"s Hand MirrorForced CeasefireMiracle RestoringOjama TrioPikeru"s second SightPitch-Black power StoneRay of HopeRobbin" ZombieSelf-Destruct ButtonSoul ResurrectionStatue that the WickedThe Spell soaking up LifeTower of BabelTrap JammerZero heaviness

Dragon"s nest pack card list

Blue-Eyes White DragonX-Head CannonInjection Fairy LilySatellite CannonSpirit ReaperWitch that the black ForestY-Dragon HeadZ-Metal TankBlue-Eyes can be fried DragonXY-Dragon CannonXYZ-Dragon CannonXZ-Tank CannonYZ-Tank CannonA Wingbeat of gigantic DragonBanner that CourageBurst present of DestructionBuster RancherCombination AttackCreature SwapD.D. BorderlineDark CoreDark line SyndromeDimension DistortionDragon"s GunfireFrontline BaseJade Insect WhistleOpti-Camouflage ArmorRaregold ArmorRoyal TributeSpell AbsorptionStamping DestructionStray LambsSuper RejuvinationThe A. ForcesThe Warrior returning AliveThunder CrashWave-Motion CannonYellow Luster ShieldA Feint PlanBurst StreamD. TribeDragon"s RageFinal attack OrdersFormation UnionMeteorainMispolymerizationRaigeki BreakReady for InterceptingRope of SpiritSecret BarrelThe Dragon"s Bead

EC Victory load card list:

Silent Magician LV8Level Up!Magician"s Cross

Flight to A new World pack card list

Armored LizardArmored ZombieAxe RaiderBaron of the Fiend SwordBeautiful HeadhuntressBlackland Fire DragonFlame CerebrusGiant FleaHarpie LadyKojikocyKoumori DragonMeteor DragonMystical ElfRogue DollSaggi the Dark ClownThe line HairToon AlligatorUrabyArmed NinjaCastle of Dark IllusionsDragon SeekerHarpie Lady SistersHarpie"s pets DragonJirai GumoLord od D.Mask of DarknessMuka MukaMystical lamb #1Princess the TsurugiRigras LeeverVersago the DestroyerWall that IllusionAncient TelescopeCyber ShieldDian Keto the cure MasterElectro-WhipElegant EgotistEternal DraughtFissureGerm InfectionGoblin"s an enig RemedyInvigorationRestructer RevolutionShare the PainSparksStop DefenseSword that Deep-SeatedThe Flute that Summoning DragonThe Inexperienced SpyKunai with ChainRoyal DecreeSnake Fang

The Forever Ones load card list

Berserk GorillaExodia NecrossSacred Phoenix of NephthysWhite Magician PikeruElemental Mistress DoriadoA Feather the the PhoenixBack come Square OneBallista the Rampart SmashingBrain ControlCentrifugal FieldContract through ExodiaDoriado"s BlessingFulfillment that the ContractFusion WeaponLighten the LoadMailce DispersionNecklace the CommandPosion FangsRe-FusionRitual WeaponThe huge March of AnimalsTwo-Man cabinet BattleWild Nature"s ReleaseAbsolute EndAstral BarrierCemetary BombChain BurstCovering FireCross CounterDivine WrathEnervating MistFruits that Kozaky"s StudiesFuh-Rin-Ka-ZanGreedHallowed Life BarrierHeavy SlumpKozaky"s Self-Destruct ButtonLevel conversion LabMind CrushMind HaxorzNinjitsu arts of DecoyPhoenix soup Wind BlastPikeru"s one of EnchantmentRing the DestructionRock BombardmentRoyal SurrenderSpell PurificationSpell-Stopping StatueSpirit BarrierThreatening RoarToken FeastevilXing Zhen Hu

Infinite Illusion pack card list

Alligator"s SwordBaby DragonDunames Dark WitchGazelle the King the Mythical BeastsGemini ElfHumanoid SlimeThousand-Eyes IdolWorm DrakeBerfometGilasaurusLuminous SoldierMad sword BeastPenguin KnightSerpentine PrincessTime WizardAlligator"s sword DragonChimera the flying Mythical BeastHumanoid Worm DrakeThousand DragonBlack Luster SoldierThe masked BeastBlack Luster RitualBlack PendantChain EnergyCold WaveCurse of FiendCurse the the masked BeastDangerous machine TYPE-6Darkness ApproachesDark-Piercing LightFinal DestinyFriendshipFusion GateGravekeeper"s ServantHorn that the UnicornInspectionRain the MercyRemove TrapThe Forceful SentryThe Shallow GraveTollUnityUpstart GoblinAnti-Spell FragranceAqua ChorusAttack and ReceiveGift that The Mystical ElfInfinite DismissalRobbin" GoblinUltimate OfferingWindstorm that Etaqua

Inherited Will load card list

Aqua MadoorGrand Tiki ElderLa Jinn the Mystical Genie of the LampLabyrinth WallMechanicalchaserMelchid the Four-Face BeastMillenium ShieldRed Archery GirlRyu-RanSengenjinShining AbyssThe Statue that Easter IslandArsenal BugCannon SoldierCyber-SteinDancing FairyFairy King TruesdaleGiant GermGoddess that WhimInsect QueenInvitation come a Dark SleepMasked SorcererPenguin SoldierServant the CatabolismThe unhappy MaidenThunder Nyan NyanWall ShadowWoodland SpriteMeteor B. DragonMagician of black color ChaosBreath of LightCollapseDark Magic RitualDragon TreasureEternal RestExile the the WickedFollow WindFusion SageHorn the LightLast day of WitchLast WillMagical LabyrinthMalevolent NuzzlerMystical MoonSteel ShellThe trustworthy GuardianVile GermsViolet CrystalAcid catch HoleDeck destruction VirusHorn the HeavenMirror Force

Legendary background pack map list

Alpha The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorCyber-Tech AlligatorGamma The Magnet WarriorGradiusAncient LampArchfiend the GilferBanisher of the LightBlue-Eyes Toon DragonDrill BugGoblin strike ForceGradius" OptionManga Ryu-RanMorphing JarMucus YolkNeedle WormPinch HopperSinister SerpentSwarm the LocustsToon MermaidToon Summoned SkullValkyrion the Magna WarriorAxe the DespairCard DestructionChosen OneCyclon LaserDelinquent DuoFairy Meteor CrushGiant TrunadeMegamorphMessenger the PeaceMind ControlMolten DestructionRiryokuRising wait CurrentSalamandraSoul ExchangeTailor the the FickleToon WorldBackup SoldierCeasefireCollected PowerDNA SurgeryDust TornadoEarthshakerJar that GreedNuminous HealerShadow the EyesShadow SpellThe Regulation that TribeTime SealType Zero Magic Crusher

Magician"s Soul pack card list

Dark MagicianDark Magician (Arkana Style)Robotic KnightSummoned SkullBarrel DragonBig Shield GardnaBlast SphereCyber JarDark Magician GirlDouble CostonGearfried the stole KnightMoisture CreatureMorphing seasoned #2Nuvia the WickedParasite ParacideSpell CancellerThe Fiend MegacyberB.Skull DragonBait DollCard that SanctityConfiscationDark Magic AttackDark Magic CurtainDark Magician"s Tome of black MagicDimensionholeEctoplasmerExchangeGravedigger GhoulHeavy StormInsect ImitationLimiter RemovalLuminous SparkMakiuMonster RecoveryMultiplyMystic BoxMystic Plasma ZonePremature BurialReinforcement the the ArmyThousand KnivesTribute DollGraverobberLight the InterventionMagic JammerMagical HatsMask of RestrictMask the WeaknessMirror WallRespect PlaySkull InvitationSkull LairTragedy

Mechanical catch Power fill card list

Battle WarriorCrawling Dragon #2Firewing PegasusGrapplerGyakutenno MegamiKing the YamimakaiKrokodilusLauncher SpiderMonster TamerMushroom ManNeo the Magic SwordsmanParrot DragonRed eye B. DragonSlot MachineSteel Ogre Grotto #2Two-Headed King RexWhiptail CrowZankiZoaAmebaDark ArtistDark ElfHane-HaneJinzo #7Machine KingMetalzoaRed-Eyes Black metal DragonThe tiny Swordsman that AileThunder DragonWitch"s ApprenticeTwin-Headed Thunder DragonFortress Whale7 CompletedBeast FangsElf"s LightFortress Whale"s OathGraceful CharityInsect Armor through Laser CannonMountainPolymerizationRed MedicineSoul the the PureSword of Dragon"s SoulTremendous FireYamiCastle WallsDragon catch JarHouse that Adhesive TapeMetalmorphReinforcementsTime MachineTwo-Pronged Attack

Miracle that Nature pack card list

Basic InsectBeaver WarriorBig InsectDragon ZombieGokiboreGreat WhiteHercules BeetleHitotsu-Me GiantJudge ManKiller NeedleMammoth GraveyardMegazowlerOscillo Hero #2Pendulum MachinePetit MothRock Ogre Grotto #1Skull ServantSwordstalkerBig EyeBladeflyCocoon the EvolutionCrass ClownDragon PiperDream ClownGreat MothHoshiningenLarvae MothLittle ChimeraMan-Eater BugPerfectly Ultimate great MothReaper the the CardsSkelengelStar BoyThe evil Worm BeastTrap MasterBickuriboxBracchio-raidusCrimson SunbirdZombie WarriorBlue MedicineForestMachine switch FactoryMooyan CurryPot that GreedPower the KaishinRaise body HeatShield & SwordSilver Bow and ArrowSword of Dark DestructionWastelandJust DessertsReverse Trap

Roar Of death pack map list

A Cat of ok OmenChaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy that the BeginningChiron the MageDark Magician that ChaosMagical ScientistManticore that DarknessTribe-Infecting VirusShinato, King the a higher PlaneAbyssal DesignatorChaos EndChaos GreedContract v the AbyssDark factory of mass ProductionDedication through Light and also DarknessDelta AttackerEarth ChantEnchanting fitting RoomGryphon"s Feather DusterHammer ShotInferno TempestMind WipePrimal SeedSalvageShinato"s ArkSmashing GroundSoul ReversalSword the the Soul-EaterThe law of the NormalThe Sanctuary in the SkyThousand EnergyTriangle PowerUltra development PillArmor BreakAssault top top GHQBeast heart SwapBeckoning LightCompulsory Evacuation DeviceDeck Devastation VirusDesert SunlightDNA TransplantGood Goblin HousekeepingHuman-Wave TacticsLabyrinth that NightmareLast TurnLight of JudgmentMicro RayNinjitsu arts of TransformationOrder to SmashReturn indigenous the various DimensionSolar RayTauntWall that Revealing Light

Shadows In The Labyrinth fill card list

Battle OxBattle SteerClown ZombieCrawling DragonDark ChimeraDungeon WormFeral ImpGadget SoldierGaroozisGrifforeHorn ImpMan-Eating sweetheart ChestRude KaiserRyu-KishinRyu-Kishin PoweredSilver FangSword arm of DragonTiger AxeTorikeWolfGate GuardianGoddess v the 3rd EyeHiro"s zero ScoutKazejinKuribohLava BattleguardMilus RadiantMysterious PuppeteerPumpking the King that GhostsSanga that the ThunderShadow GhoulSuijinSwamp BattleguardThe Bistro ButcherLabyrinth TankBurning SpearDark EnergyDe-SpellGust FanLaser Cannon ArmorLegendary SwordOokaziRaimeiRush RecklesslySogenSwords that Revealing LightThe please CoffinUmiEatgaboonNegate AttackSpellbinding CircleTrap hole

Tricky Toons pack card list

BirdfaceDark JeroidExarion UniverseHannibal NecromancerJinzoKing Tiger WanghuNight AssailantSasuke SamuraiSasuke Samurai #2Swarm the ScarabsToon Cannon SoldierToon Dark Magician GirlToon Gemini ElfToon Goblin strike ForceToon masked SorcererVampire LordDifferent measurement CapsuleFengsheng MirrorFiend"s SanctuaryFinal CountdownFuhma ShurikenGather your MindKishido SpiritLightning VortexMeteor that DestructionMiracle DigMultiplication of AntsOfferings to the DoomedPrecious Cards native BeyondReloadRod the the Mind"s EyeSenri EyeSoul TakerToon Table that ContentsVengeful Bog SpiritBlast held by a TributeBlast through ChainBottomless trap HoleDeal that PhantomDe-Spell Germ WeaponDisturbance StrategyDrop OffFiend ComedianGraverobber"s RetributionHidden book of SpellMagic CylinderMetal Reflect SlimeNutrient ZOminous FortunetellingPineapple BlastRoyal CommandToon Defense

Visitor From past pack card list

AitsuAmphibian BeastGil GarthVorse RaiderWolf AxewielderCyber RaiderDark NecrofearKinetic SoldierKoitsuNewdoriaRevival JamRocket WarriorSanganSkull-Mark LadybugSpear DragonStone Statue that the AztecsStrike NinjaTwin-Headed BehemothViser DesBurning LandCard of safe ReturnCestus of DagiaD.D. DesignatorDark DesignatorEkibyo DrakmordExcavation the Mage StonesFoolish BurialGaia PowerHeart of clear WaterInfinite CardsInsect BarrierJam breeding MachineLightning BladeMystical an are TyphoonReturn the the DoomedSebek"s BlessingSmoke Grenade the the ThiefSpirit article "A"Spirit post "I"Spirit blog post "L"Spirit blog post "N"SpiritualismUmiirukaCurse of AgingDark heart of the SilentDestiny BoardFatal AbacusHidden SoldierJam DefenderMonster ReliefThe Emperor"s Holiday

Wondrous Sorcery load card list

Despair native the DarkFlying Kamikiri #1Gear Golem the relocating FortressGiant RatGilford the LightningKycoo the Ghost DestroyerLava GolemMarauding CaptainMoai Interceptor CannonsMother GrizzlyMystic TomatoReflect BounderRoyal miracle LibraryShining AngelSkilled Dark MagicianUFO TurtleZombyra the DarkThe last Warrior from an additional PlanetContinuous devastation PunchDemotionDouble SnareEmergency ProvisionsFairy the the SpringGoblin ThiefJar RobberMask the BrutalityMask of DispelMask of the AccursedMystic WokNightmare"s SteelcageNobleman of CrossoutNobleman the ExterminationNon-Spellcasting AreaPigeonholing publications of SpellPoison the the Old ManRecycleReversal QuizScapegoatScroll the BewitchmentSecond Coin TossThe Dark DoorArchfiend"s RoarArsenal RobberDice Re-RollEmbodiment that ApophisGoblin FanJudgement that AnubisReally Eternal RestSkill DrainStaunch DefenderTorrential Tribute