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Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds’, has actually the ideal opening. The #cardgameonmotorcycles collection of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Why is this tune superior to all of them?

Let’s very first take a look at some background of song: according to the many reputable source, aka the fandom, Hyper Drive, the only opening song for the entire series of more than 150 illustration in English (Japan got like 3-5, i know, it’s pure bullshit, yet we’re talking about the English anime song and also if it ain’t Pokemon it’s currently a huge deal the it obtained one, for this reason focus), is “composed and produced by Francis Gallucio and Bruce Aronson and also sung by Cass Dillon”.

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Mr. Gallucio then relocated on to score the Bonds past Time movie, as shown by the fandom. Oh, to be the human being who blessed so countless kids and also anime fans with such unforgettable music. #snubbedbytheawards

Mr. Aronson carried his many American layout to the ingredient of this theme. You can examine out his other works top top his website here. The note, theme for the skit Oprah’s book Club Fight society on ABC, and also what shows up to be the intro come Indian Premier league on BBC. Mine head just instantly started banging as soon as I heard these.

Mr. Dillon has a Spotify, and also has excellent well as a singer/songwriter, however FOR SOME reason THE SPOTIFY DOESN’T have actually THIS MASTERPIECE. WE require TO change THIS, MY other WEEBS and also MUSICALLY inclined WEIRDOS. Compose TO SPOTIFY and also THESE 3 and also FORCE lock TO put THE track ON SPOTIFY so I have the right to DRIVE down THE mountain MATEO leg AT over 80 MPH BLASTING it ON REPEAT PASSING world IN VEHICLES.

And, for sure of course, have actually you heard the HD version of this pure killer TV opening that never got the full version that deserves?

Can I just ask you come appreciate just how it changes keys, it changes RHYTHMS WHICH five MY GOD THAT never HAPPENS IN famous SONGS and I RECALL law A dual TAKE as soon as I HEARD THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL and also WAS favor WAIT walk THAT readjust RHYTHM?


Let’s likewise appreciate the lyrics in full:

Going quick makes me feel alive.My heart beats in hyper drive.Do friend think you deserve to win?Only if i lose.Just permit destiny choose.

I have the right to hear you breathin’.I have the right to see girlfriend comin’.I deserve to feel the wind.It’s blowing me around.

Take a shot in ~ me runnin’ side by side.It’s a blur… as I go by.

I deserve to hear girlfriend breathin’.I deserve to see you comin’.I have the right to feel the wind.It’s blow me around.

See the sun arising.Fire in the sky.Greatness thrusts itself right into our lives.

The pure perfect song to journey to (but hopefully no die steering to), to start the day, and to end the work on.

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There’s no HD version of the opened on YouTube, and also the editing of it is trash, but this track is banging. Someone have to absolutely do a fan edit and set it to this song. If you recognize a good one, send it to me.