I ran into a an excellent example just the various other day: you understand how, in Austin Powers, in ~ one suggest Dr. Evil’s chair goes haywire and also he quips “I need a young priest and an old priest”?

This is, of course, a recommendation to the actors of The Exorcist - yet a many folks didn’t capture it, having never checked out the latter film. So they presume he was desribing come a actual (albeit obscure) exorcism ritual.

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The summary then obtained passed on to folks who’d never seen Austin Powers, either, and now there are a totality bunch of folks that think there really is a roman Catholic exorcism routine that specifically needs to be carry out by a young priest and also an old priest. I’ve watched it revolve up in ostensibly major fiction.

All because of a one-liner joke the nobody got.

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Feb 26th, 2016
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There’s something that’s been tormenting me the I require non-KH-player Smash fans to understand.

At the end of Kingdom mind 3, to cut a long story short, Sora misuses a powerful magic for this reason hard and so often that the world itself goes“Alright, that’s quite enough of that” and yeets him exterior of reality.

When the other personalities learn around this, they begin hypothesizing around what kind of ar Sora could have ended up in. What lock conclude is the a people outside of reality should necessarily be a civilization of“unreality.”

And what they conclude around a civilization of unreality is the the many likely form it might take is“a fictional world.”


Remind me what facet of the stop Bros universe the Sora trailer heavily emphasizes? Right prior to Mario takes up the Kingdom vital and Sora drifts in v the keyhole the opens?


That it’s every make-believe.

In various other words, that Super stop Bros is a people of unreality and fiction.

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There is a non-zero opportunity that stop Bros is part of KH’s continuous plot and also it’s killing me.