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One the the songs we played in ~ Jason’s memorial company during the photo slide display was Donna Lewis’s “I Love You constantly Forever.” It was a fun, upbeat tune that was famous at the time and also parts the it just seemed to represent who Jason was, specifically the heat “you’ve obtained the most unbelievable blue eyes I’ve ever before seen.” Because, you see, Jason DID have the most unbelievably beautiful blue eyes. They to be eyes that twinkled v joy. They to be eyes the spoke the intelligence, love, compassion.

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Music has actually a power to affix to our emotions like little else. That brings ago memories therefore clearly, together if the occasion that cause those memories just happened. It simply touches ours hearts so deep in unforeseen ways.

For some reason, that song, “I Love You constantly Forever,” does that for me. It simply zings me appropriate in the heart every time ns hear it, and also it takes me right earlier to the time. It reminds me of exactly how much I miss Jason. It come on the speakers as ns was to buy today and also just stopped me in my tracks. Tears filled my eyes and I to be blindsided by the depth of emotions i felt.

Early on in this journey, ns realized particular songs were going to do that for me; they were going to blindside me when I unexpectedly heard them. Ns realized that can be a problem, and also so i purchased a CD v this certain song ~ above it. Ns played that over and also over in an initiative to “desensitize” its influence for me. Obviously, that didn’t work an extremely well for me. Ns still get blindsided by this song…and others. They remind me the times unable to do by that will never ever come again. They repeat me exactly how much I miss out on my boy and also those beautiful blue eye of his.

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