Korea is such a beautiful country! Not just does it have actually beautiful scenery, from mountains and also forests, to islands and beaches, but it likewise has beautiful people.

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If you want to speak ‘beautiful’ as in ‘the beautiful lady’ then you must say 아름다운 (areumdaun) or 예쁜 (yeppeun)


아름다운 꽃 (areumdaun kkot) –  beautiful flowers

예쁜 여자 (yeppeun yeoja) – pretty woman

예쁜 여자를 만나고 싶어요 (yeppeun yeojareul mannago sipeoyo)

I desire to fulfill a quite woman.

아름다운 곳에 갑시다 (areumdaun gose gapsida)

Let’s go to a beautiful place.

A indigenous of Caution about Romanization

We’ve added in the Romanization for all of these indigenous to help with pronunciation. However, we recommend that you shot to move onto analysis comfortably in Hangul (the korean alphabet), together this will boost your pronunciation and also your reading skills. It will also aid you an alert patterns in words, which will lead friend to enhance the price at which friend learn brand-new Korean words and also grammar points.

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You can download a totally free guide to learn the oriental alphabet in about an hour here. We’ve acquired a finish writeup ~ above the korean language here. 

Learning vocabulary indigenous is a an excellent way to aid you find out the basics the a language, yet your language learning will only really take off one you begin attempting to have actually conversations in Korean. Take it a look at our full Korean course for all the help you will require when examining Korean.

Now girlfriend know how to speak beautiful in Korean and also you know how to speak pretty in Korean. That means you have the right to start complimenting civilization on your appearance and also start describing all of the beautiful areas that friend would like to visit in Korea! 

Never be at a loss because that words when you research up top top our korean phrases list as well!