If girlfriend are ever before going through a troubled time, this track is a sure means to choose yourself up. Many comments top top this song’s YouTube video clip prove the works. So we carry you “You discovered Me” by The Fray during these isolated time of Coronavirus COVID-19.“You found Me” is the lead solitary off the The Fray’s 2nd studio album title ‘The Fray.’ released on November 21, 2008, the tune charted in ~ #35 in the UK, #7 in the US and #1 in Australia. The song was certified to have actually sold over 3.6 million copies global by 2015.

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The lead singer and also writer that The Fray, Isaac Slade spoke around the track on their main website;““You discovered Me” is a difficult song for me. It’s about the disappointment, the heartache, the let down that comes v life. Occasionally you’re permit down; occasionally you’re the one who allows someone rather down. The gets hard to know who you can trust, who you deserve to count on. This track came out of a tough time, and also I’m still right in the thick of it. There space some an overwhelming circumstances mine family and friends have actually been going through over the past year or so and also it have the right to be overwhelming. It wears ~ above me. It demands so much of my confidence to store believing, store hoping in the unseen. Periodically the tunnel has actually a light at the end, yet usually, they just look black color as night. This track is about that feeling, and the expect that ns still have, hidden deep in mine chest.”According come an interview through The sunlight magazine, Isaac describes that this tune was motivated by a dream;“I dreamt ns ran right into God top top a street corner. He looked like Bruce Springsteen and he was cigarette smoking a cigarette. I had actually it out v him and asked ‘Where were you as soon as all this bad stuff to be happening to these really undeserving, good people? over there were difficult times. Ns was questioning my faith, angry at points that had actually happened in mine life and the resides of mine friends. A friend had actually suffered a miscarriage, I had actually lost mine grandfather. I was angry and also the tune felt angry and hopeless too. Ns imagined what I’d say to God, in the confront of every the crap my friends have gone through in the last pair of years.”

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“You discovered Me” Lyrics meaning & track Review

Verse 1Stemming native his dream, Isaac states that he met God in ~ a certain juncture that his life when everything roughly him appears to loss apart. In his vision, God was smoking cigarettes a cigarette, which reflects his patience demeanor. Isaac had actually one question “where friend been?” every this time to save His children. God replies “ask anything” to present that that is a futile concern to ask. Periodically there is a factor why things happen in this world, and also other time it is chaos. Do the efforts to know which is which, is a near-impossible task. Do the efforts to describe how the world works to a mortal human being is an difficult task for even God.The location mentioned in the tune ‘corner of very first and Amistad’ is a real ar in Texas. However, this precise location has actually no meaning to the meaning of the song. Instead, it might contain a more Biblical definition to allude a junction between heaven and also hell.
Verse 2Isaac Slade continues his concerns toward God. The asks God why he was no by his side as soon as he to be calling out to God in the toughest time that his life. He to be hanging through his phone (or fairly his faith) to get some assuring article from God. Yet it never came.ChorusIsaac go on to explain the turmoils the he has actually been with until now. The was lost not learning what to do. He was emotion insecure around himself and the lack of manage he has actually over everything an unfavorable happening about him. So he asks why did God take it so lot time to present himself come him? Nonetheless, the singer is happy that God did find him at the very least now. Better late than never, right?However, the last two lines of the chorus can be viewed as miscellaneous God would say come Isaac as well. God could be replying to Isaac’s question of why the is late. God replies that he is only a tiny late and also now he has discovered Him.Verse 3In the third verse of “You found Me,” we find the singer in his lowest allude yet. He talks around losing the love that his life. That is a daunting task come imagine losing the one who has been with thick and thin v you, and the one that knows friend in and out. But the punchline is, she is still alongside the singer appropriate now. The idea Isaac do the efforts to drive is that he has endured so much loss and grief, he in reality anticipates this girl additionally to leaving him. This is an absolutely pessimistic view the life he might fathom for himself.But all hope is not shed yet. Due to the fact that he uncovered God just before the final straw.BridgeIsaac Slade speak God just how he prayed to God every morning to present him part resolution. However he got no reply from God. Isaac is upset at God thinking that he took all those people roughly him far from him.Isaac Slade lastly met God. Return he could not have actually his concerns answered, the existence of God in front of him would certainly be sufficient to regain some belief in the singer. Everything could not be earlier to common from morning for Isaac. However at the very least he knows that a higher power is overlooking them all.What do you think the “You found Me” through The Fray? autumn a comment below.

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