If you ask Mariam’s frifinish Eli what the first words I shelp to him were, he’d reply:“I’m Adelina, I’m component Puerto Rideserve to and also component Italian and that’s why I’m so beautiful”.Yeah I understand, I should’ve learned my leschild from the initially guy (view Blog One: My Life is Awkward). However before, you have to know by now that I never before, NEVER learn my lesboy.

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But that’s one of the many type of stereotypes pressed on me for being a Hispanic, idiocy. While applying for a Hispanic Scholarship at College of Miami, and also they responded that my grades were also high to be taken into consideration a Hispanic. Like… WHAT. Studying and also actually wanting to perform somepoint with my life doesn’t adjust the color of my skin. You wouldn’t think that civilization deserve to be that ignorant, yet I have heard my fair share of jokes about my skin shade.I as soon as had a boyfriend ask me if once I showered, brvery own came off.

Yes, I wish I was joking, but no, I’m not xD The exact same man later shelp that he liked it better as soon as I was tan, because in the time of the winter I look like… I’m fifty percent white or something.

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(For those of you who don’t know I’m half Hispanic half Caucasian). But in his defense, this particular day my friend shelp that I looked like a white perkid dipped in cocoa.

But at least I have the right to resolve skin color jokes, I intend looking back on them they’re pretty funny(laugh at my jokes! D: It’ll make me feel well-known