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The Yamaha company Manual because that my VStar 1300 reflects the following engine oil volume information:Total volume 3.91 qts.Without a filter readjust 3.38 qts.With a filter change 3.59 qts.I always readjust the filter, so ns am presume the .32 qt distinction from full capacity is residual oil in the engine the settles in short areas and would never entirely drain out.Is that the case?I do remember putting in 4 qts top top a few oil changes, yet I might have changed to 3.6 top top the last. I"m not worried that .32 qt is a major, damaging overfill, together I"d bet over there is probablya buffer constructed in due to the fact that morons favor me might add a little bit too much. Anyway, exactly how much room you guys and also gals pouring right into your rides?
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I always add a couple of ounces much less that recommend, start bike because that a couple of seconds, with bike level inspect level. Sometimes it will take those extra ounces and other times it won"t. Usually relies on just how long i let old oil drainpipe out. If you over fill it will certainly normally acquire blown out and also end increase in air box, that"s indigenous experience.
Les B. "Loose Nut" - Houston, Texas
2001 Vstar 1100 standard (sold), Cobra Slash reduced full exhaust, to reduce 1 inch through lowering links, ORK, 4.5 customs handlebar risers, can be fried passenger seat, Passenger pegs moved forward 4 inches, Handlebar clock, KN wait filter, Viking saddlebags, extr rear lighting.2006 Harley Davidson Electra Glide - present ride
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I must be ok then due to the fact that I have actually never had the oil in the waiting box. I understand that have the right to happen, but I"ve either done it appropriately or obtained lucky.

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I follow the operators hands-on for the amount come addit constantly puts the oil level just above the complete mark in the home windows on mine 650 and royal starI think it relies on whether you have the bike in the kick stand, or ~ above a lift once you drainpipe it, and how long you allow the bicycle sit and also dribble out have actually to gain quite a little bit of extra oil in the case for it to it is in a problem. What happens with "too much" oil is the crank pillar whips the oil right into a foam / froth, which climate gets blown the end of the breather tube right into the waiting box prefer Les said.There is no exact correct level in the crankcase - over there is no mechanical component the oil have to be over or below, as lengthy as it stay over the oil pump intake for this reason the oil pressure is never ever starved for supply.BTW, over there is a genuine cause of confusion. Over there are numerous videos ~ above youtube that say come level the bike and also sit and watch the level site glass window, add till its at the peak line. The is WRONG. If you do that v an oil filter change the oil filter room will not be filled with oil till you start the engine and also the oil pump pushes the thru. Follow the volume in the owners manual and also it will constantly be correct. Inspect the level in the window regularly come make sure you room not leaking or burning oil in between oil changes, but NOT as soon as you adjust the oil. If you placed it in there, that in there.
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