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Need assist on what year this sledge’s is been to 2 locale Yamaha shops one male said it to be a 2001 sx 700 the various other said 1997 700 vmax ns leaning to 97 my self. But require to know for certain as the belts no the same and I want obtain this thing registered so the wife can ride with me if we ever get snow. VIN# off the tunnel is 8CH-000000 not depend all 0 but not certain if the a an excellent ideal list actual VIN on a unregistered sled.Sled is a 700 however someone has removed every the sticker top top the hood and also tunnel Help!!!!!

Do you have a pic? the year is typically on the tunnel MFD,, yet if the sticker is missing ,do you have the old belt? belts are many likey the exact same for that design if naught is readjusted in the motor and clutches,,,R2R
The 10th digit of the vin# designates the year for all vehicles after ~ 1980.R=1994S=1995T=1996V=1997X=1998W=1999Y=20001=20002=2000
The 10th digit of the vin# designates the year for every vehicles after 1980.R=1994S=1995T=1996V=1997X=1998W=1999Y=20001=20002=2000

The mechanism of the 10th number designating year only works for the government mandated 17 digit serial numbers. These to be not put on Yamaha sleds until a few years ago (likely 2002 or 2003). If ns remember tomorrow I"ll examine the listing I have a work and post again.
Thanks for your aid on this. Ns sill can’t think the dealers cant decode the VIN#.I finally recorded up through a buddy of mine who was a sleds tech and also he told me to track under the tags On the cable harness together it also was the mfd on it date is 7-96 so i was ideal it a 97Thanks Joe

it is a 2001 sx700r yamaha offers the first three letters to identify models ns looked it up in a technological update book from a seminarsorry it could be a 1997 also

The 10th number of the vin# designates the year for every vehicles after 1980.R=1994S=1995T=1996V=1997X=1998W=1999Y=20001=20002=2000
that would certainly assume you had actually a 17 number serial #, yamahas go not have actually a stamped 17 digit till around 2003
Wait simply one minute. If I review that right You just got this sled through no registration and all the stickers were gotten rid of by "somebody" who never ever registered it and also it doesn"t have actually the right # that #"s in the VIN # because that the year it should be??? Does that sound negative to everyone else? :wtf: One of mine old legit aquired sleds had actually a failure on the VIN # (from the factory) and that to be a nightmare acquiring that cleared up. I had actually to obtain a rubbing off the tunnel and fax the from the dealer to the DMV (twice) prior to they made decision MY sleds wasn"t stolen... I have learned to constantly get the registration and double check those #"s good LuckI expect you have the name of the "somebody" you got it from, You could need it..
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Yamaha provides a main ID # to determine year and also production # and you can discover out what year it is by that ID # at Yamaha motors. Com
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