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Calculator is able to broaden an algebraic expression online.Here somes instances of utilizing the computer system to increase algebraic expression:

Summary :Calculator is maybe to increase an algebraic expression online.

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broaden online

summary :Expand calculatorIn mathematics, to expand one expression or come expand a product the is transformed into algebraic sum. This calculator enables to expand all develops of algebraic expression online, it likewise helps to calculate one-of-a-kind expansions online (the distinction of squares, the identitiy because that the square that a sum and the identification for the square the a difference).For simple expansions, the calculator provides the calculation steps.

Expand algebraic expressions

the function allows to broaden online all creates of mathematical expressions, the expression have the right to be alphanumeric, ie it have the right to contain numbers and also letters : broaden the complying with product (3 x+ 1) (2 x+ 4) `(3x+1)(2x+4)` returns `3*x*2*x+3*x*4+2*x+4` expand this algebraic expression `(x+2)^3` returns `2^3+3*x*2^2+3*2*x^2+x^3` keep in mind that the an outcome is not reverted as the most basic expression in order to have the ability to follow the steps of calculations. To simplify the results, simply use the minimize function.

Special extend online

The function expand makes it possible to expand a product, it uses to every mathematical expressions, especially the following identities : the identitiy because that the square of a sum : It allows to increase online expression of the kind `(a+b)^2` the identity for the square of a distinction : It permits to increase online expression of the kind `(a-b)^2` the difference of squares : It permits to increase online expressions of the form `(a-b)(a+b)`

Use the Newton"s binomial formula

Newton"s binomial formula is created : `(a+b)^n=sum_(k=0)^n ((n),(k)) a^k*b^(n-k)`. The numbers `((n),(k))` are the binomial coefficients, they room calculated using the complying with formula : `((n),(k))=(n!)/(k!(n-k)!)`.

us note, the by replacing n by 2, us can find remarkable identities.

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The calculator uses Newton"s formula to construct expressions that the form `(a+b)^n`.

Expand and simplify one expression

The calculator permits you come expand and collapse an expression online, to accomplish this, the calculator combine the attributes collapse and also expand. For instance it is possible to expand and also reduce the expression complying with `(3x+1)(2x+4)`, The calculator will returns the expression in two forms :

expanded expression `3*x*2*x+3*x*4+2*x+4` expanded and reduced expression `4+14*x+6*x^2`. Calculator is may be to increase an algebraic expression online.

Syntax :expand(expression), expression is expression algebraic to expand.

Examples :Here somes examples of utilizing the computer to expand algebraic expression:

Calculate online with broaden (expand calculator)

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