These lessons, v videos, examples, and solutions, aid students learn how to usage a aspect tree to uncover the prime components of provided numbers.

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Every composite number can be expressed together a product of element factors. This product is referred to as the prime factorization the the number. We deserve to use a factor tree to uncover the element factors.

Example:Find the prime factorization that 36.



The prime factors of 36 room 2 and 3.

We can write 36 as a product of element factors: 2 × 2 × 3 × 3

The aspect tree technique is quite flexible – at every branch you deserve to break the number into any kind of factors until you reach the element factors.


The an outcome is the same: 36 = 3 × 2 × 2 × 3

Although the bespeak of the components may it is in different due to the fact that we have the right to start with various pairs that factors, every element tree the 36 has actually the very same prime factorization.

We can likewise use index number to write the prime factorization.

36 = 22 × 32

Review prime and also composite numbersA element number organic number higher than 1 that only has actually two factors: one and itself.Examples: 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19, …

A composite number is a natural number that has more than 2 factors.The number 1 is neither prime no one composite.

Prime FactorizationTo identify the prime factorization the a herbal number, we require to discover the element numbers that when multiplied together gives us the original number.We must be mindful not to confuse element factorization with the factors of a number. The determinants of a number are any type of two numbers whose product give the initial number. Factors do not should be prime.

We can find the element factorization the a number utilizing the aspect tree.

Example:Determine the prime factorization of the complying with numbers:


The adhering to videos show more examples that finding prime factorization using aspect trees.

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Example:Find the element factorization of 12

Example:Find the element factorization that 72

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