Computers have revolutionized map-making. Mapmakers have the right to store, process, and display data electronically. They have the right to digitize data or transform locations that map points to numbers. Castle can instantly make maps that in the past would take a person hours to draw. They space able to develop maps from numerous data sources such as satellites and the global positioning system (GPS). Global Positioning device or GPS is a technique of recognize latitude, longitude, and elevation of point out on Earth’s surface ar by utilizing a network that satellites. Satellite images are photos of the Earth’s surface made up of thousands of tiny dots dubbed pixels. Every pixel has information ~ above a small part of Earth’s surface. Surveying is the process where mapmakers recognize distances and elevations using instruments and the principles of geometry.

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Topographic maps have plenty of uses in science and engineering. A topographic map is a map that mirrors the surface attributes of one area using signs to portray the land together if you to be looking in ~ it indigenous above. It shows information on the elevation, relief, and slope the the ground. To check out a topographic map, girlfriend must know the map’s scale, symbols, and also contour lines. To represent elevation, relief and slope ~ above a topographic map, mapmakers usage contour lines that affix points of same elevation. Edge lines are always drawn ~ above maps as seen from above. If you were hiking and also using a map with contour lines, you can follow along one without obtaining or losing elevation.

The distinction in elevation between one contour line and the next is always the same on a provided map. This difference is called the contour interval. The edge interval is necessary to recognize when contouring or illustration lines top top a net of number that attach points of equal value. Contouring helps recognize the shape of an area. Contour lines the are very closely spaced indicate steep slopes, while commonly spaced contour lines indicate a steady slope. Index contours room darker lines than the others and also are labeled v the elevation above sea level in round units.

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Contour lines never divide or cross one another, return on steep cliffs they it seems to be ~ to show up to operation together. Contour lines space farther apart on tenderness slopes than they space on steep slopes. They never stop in the center of a map/grid. Lock either kind a close up door loop or they run off the leaf of the map/grid. The edge interval always stays the very same on a provided map. Elevations ~ above one side of a contour line are higher than the elevations ~ above the various other side of the line.