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(January 29, 1880 - December 25, 1946)

TW.C. Areas was a renowned American comedian, actor, and juggler. Born william Claude Dukenfield in Darby, Pennsylvania, areas was the descendant of English and Irish noblemen. In ~ the age of eighteen, areas left residence for a job in vaudeville and also just 3 years later on was headlining tourism in phibìc America and Europe.

In 1906, fields made his Broadway debut in The Ham Tree and later made numerous appearances in the Ziegfeld Follies together juggler and also comedian. However, it was in film where fields made his greatest impression on American audiences. After gift featured in number of short, silent comedies, Fields came to be a bonafide star with a wire of hits in 1934 including Six of a King, You"re telling Me!, and also The Old Fashioned Way. On display Fields commonly played hustlers, carnival barkers, and other "confidence men." 2 of Fields"s most popular personalities were the hapless victim under the ignorance of his wife, as in It"s A Gift (1934) or the misanthropic egotist who hated children, dogs, and women such, together in My tiny Chickadee (1940). ~ illness and also alcoholism halted his film career in the so late 1930s, areas he made his radio debut v Edgar Bergen and his dummy, Charlie McCarthy, on "The Chase and also Sanborn Hour."

Fields, in spite of his outrageous public personas, to be a an extremely private man. Till the publication of his an individual letters and also notes by his nephew in W.C. Areas By Himself, little was known around Fields-the-man. In 1900, areas married a fellow vaudevillian named Harriet Hughes; they had actually a son, william Claude Fields, Jr., in 1904. In 1907, Fields and also Hughes to be divorced and he would never ever marry again.

during the final years of his life and career, Fields" appearances to be relegated come guest certification on radio and some reduced sequences in 1942"s story of Manhattan. Fields"s last performance to be a spoken-word record of his famed "Temperance Lecture" comedic monologue. Disease prohibited areas from traveling to the studio, so it was videotaped at his bedside with fields reading native cue cards.

while on his deathbed, fields was visited by his young protege Eddie Cantor. "Eddie," he claimed weakly, "I"ve regularly wondered how much I can have gone had I laid off the booze." 1 The next day Fields dropped into a coma and also passed far on Christmas Day, 1946. Areas was interred at the woodland Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

Fields, probably unknown to plenty of younger Americans, has been immortalized in many popular caricatures featured in comic strips ("The sorcerer’s of Id"), advertising (Frito-Lay, Cocoa Puffs), cartoons (Looney Toons), and also television reflects (Gigglesnort Hotel, The tonight Show, and also The Benny Hill Show). Areas may be gone, however his many beloved (or hated) characters live on.

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