Pam LeBlanc enjoying time at she stepmom’s ranch close to Roscoe, Texas, in December 2017. Chris LeBlanc photo

It’s cold exterior (sort of), and time to tell the story I never ever tell because, well, it’s sort of embarrassing. I’ll tell it anyway, simply this once.

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Remember that playground step in “Christmas Story,” the 1983 film about Ralphie and his need for a Red Ryder BB gun, where one son “triple dog dares” another to touch a frozen flagpole with his tongue?

The boy does it, of course, pushing his fat red tongue come the pole, wherein it predictably sticks. Then the college bell rings, the group watching scatters quicker than ice cream melts on a hot skillet, and also the young is left out there, still stuck to the pole until a teacher notices and sends the fire department in to do the rescue.

That taken place to me. Just I was 54 year old, not 8.

My household had gathered in ~ my stepmom’s ranch close to Roscoe, one hour’s drive west the Abilene, to invest a couple of days hiking, reading and sitting in prior of the chiminea drinking wine and also telling stories. Us love that up there in the winter, and also spend our days rambling approximately kicking cactus and also looking because that fossils.

One night mother Nature gifted us with a storm the coated the ranch and everything about it with a glittery white great of snow and ice crystals. Us headed the end in the morning come explore. I carried along mine camera come take pictures of my husband posing in front of huge bales the cotton and also my sisters hoisting frozen tumbleweeds over she head.


Chris LeBlanc poses in prior of a bale that cotton close to Roscoe, Texas, last winter.

As us drove under a two-lane dirt road, past a series of steel poles, I got the brilliant idea to discover out if that scene from “Christmas Story” to be realistic.

We pulled the vehicle off the road. Ns jumped out. I ran come the frozen metal pole.

The kicker here is nobody – not my husband, no my sister, not even my brother-in-law, who’s generally pretty nice to me – bothered to stop me. Or perhaps they figured i knew better (I did not) and wasn’t really going come stick my tongue on the pole.

But ns did. I poked it out and carefully licked that pole, choose I was taste trial and error popsicles.

And that stuck.


That’s no chewing gum, folks. That’s what was left behind as soon as I stuck my tongue ~ above a frozen metal pole near Roscoe, Texas. Carry out not try this in ~ home. Pam LeBlanc photo

I knew I remained in trouble practically instantaneously, as I tried come reel my tongue earlier in. That was like a layer of Velcro hosted me to it, though. I tried come pull back gently, but the taste buds that linked me to that cold metal just stretched painfully. I pulled harder. The taste sprout didn’t host up so well.

In the end, nobody called in the fire department, due to the fact that I panicked and yanked mine tongue turn off the pole, take it a item of it turn off in the process. My family members members watched, flabbergasted. To today I’m not certain if castle were much more shocked the I’d stuck my tongue ~ above a frozen metal pole, or the my tongue in reality stuck there.

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My tongue bled indigenous the BB-sized feet I’d left in it. Back at the ranch house, it i stabbed it so badly ns couldn’t eat or drink wine because that at least 12 hours. (Now there’s a genuine tragedy.)

That scene from the movie? fully accurate. Tongues really carry out stick come frozen steel poles. And, it additionally turns out, if friend rip a piece of her tongue off, that piece remains on the pole, like a next of beef in the freezer. Ns went back the next day and also found it, just so I might take the over photograph.

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