According to Wolfram bsci-ch.orgWorld, there"s no consensus. Part think that may have come native French monter an interpretation to climb, yet this is just speculation $-$ it"s likely just a trend that recorded on. The short article I connected to consists of a greater elaboration and also some examples of whereby it"s not used.

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the is not recognized why the letter m was favored for slope; the selection may have been arbitrary. John Conway has argued m could stand for "modulus the slope." One high school algebra textbook states the factor for m is unknown, but remarks that it is exciting that the French word because that "to climb" is monter. However, over there is no evidence to make any kind of such connection. Descartes, who was French, walk not use m. In bsci-ch.orgematical one Revisited (1971) bsci-ch.orgematics chronicler Howard W. Eves argues "it just happened."



Not a reason, however a lovely coincidence is the the higher dimensional analogue that a slope is a matrix.

$$vecy = M(vecx)$$

would it is in the greater dimensional analogue the

$$y = mx$$

where $vecy in sci-ch.orgbbR^m$, $vecx in sci-ch.orgbbR^n$, and $M$ is a $n imes m$ matrix.

So I prefer to think the the "m" as standing for "matrix".


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