Florence in ~ Night

Florence – the capital of Tuscany gets my vote as the most beautiful city in Italy. The small but perfectly formed city nestles ~ above the financial institutions of the Arno River v the ibsci-ch.orgnic Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge top top the river spanning over the water. The bridge was once populated by butchers and fishmongers that stank the river up with their food rubbish so badly that led to the Medici, the rulers in ~ the time, to replace them v goldsmith and jewellery shops the still exist today.

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Dubbed as the “Cradle the the Renaissance”, Florence, a UNESbsci-ch.org world Heritage Site, is a life museum wall to wall with magnificent architectures and priceless artworks come satisfy also the many discerning arts aficionado.

" data-image-caption="The Florence Cityscape bathed in the hazy golden glow the sunset

The Florence Cityscape bathed in the hazy golden glow that sunset

The provenance the this bejewelled city is steeped in intrigue and skulduggery amongst its historical power brokers of spiritual leaders, ambitious politicians and also the seller class that would literally kill for power. Out of this political power battle Florence arised as one of the most an effective and wealthy cities in Tuscany during the Renaissance era.

" data-image-caption="Ponte Vecchio by Night. It is only one of two bridges in the human being with shops constructed on it.

Ponte Vecchio by Night. The is only one of two bridges in the civilization with shops developed on it.

This travel short article describes ours visit come Florence, a UNESbsci-ch.org world Heritage Site and we remained at 2 hotels which are in magnificently revitalized buildings constructed in the renaissance period.

The home of Medici


" data-image-caption="Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Florence owes its reputation as the epicentre the high Renaissance society mostly come the powerful Medici family. Bsci-ch.orgsimo de Medici, the patriarch that the Medici empire was the very first Medici come exert political strength over Florence. The dynasty ruled the city indigenous 15th come 18th centuries as grand Dukes that Tuscany. The Medici’s good wealth came from banking and also bsci-ch.orgmmerce and their invaluable patronage with many powerful people including the pope at the moment elevated their status to the judgment class. This prominent dynasty produced four popes – Leo X, Clement VII, Pius IV and Leon XI- in their family. The Medici were great patrons of arts, architectures and literature significantly Lorenzo de Medici well-known as Lorenzo The Magnificent who bsci-ch.orgmmissioned famous artists such as Michelangelo, Leonard Da Vinci, Botellicelli and also other an excellent painters at the time leaving a treasured tradition of the world most well known paintings and also works of arts today.


A national Treasure in Florence

" data-image-caption="Palazzo Vecchio, the city city hall overlooks the Piazza della Signoria through the replica the Michelangelo’s David and a gallery of statues.

Palazzo Vecchio, the city city hall overlooks the Piazza della Signoria through the replica of Michelangelo’s David and a gallery of statues.

Today the Medici’s priceless bsci-ch.orgllections can be viewed at the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most well known art museum in the world. It exhibits masterpieces that the world’s greatest artists such together Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Titian amongst other good Renaissance painters. Surrounding to the Uffizi Gallery, is the Piazza della Signoria, a huge square, flanked by number of important structures notably the Palazzo Vecchio, the imposing fortress palace, currently use as a town hall.

By the enntrance gate of the Palazzo Vecchio stands precise replica of the famous statue that the biblical David by Michelangelo. The original masterpiece is housed in the Accademia Gallery. The initial statue of David is 5.16 metres tall and weighs over 5 tons, carved from one solitary block of marble. The frostbite is therefore spell-binding that it looks prefer as if Michelangelo had released the heart of David native the block that marble v every sinewy muscle and even the veins of his hand seem to pulsate v life.

" data-image-caption="A replica that Michelangelo’s David in ~ Piazza della Signora

A replica that Michelangelo’s David at Piazza della Signora

Standing across the replica statue the David in ~ the square room the amazing statues of Hercules and also Cacus through Bandinelli, reflecting Hercules death Cacus the fire-breathing monster in Greek mythology. The is no less impressive, so beautiful sculptured through exquisite information of the muscular frame of Hercules and the horrifying attribute of Cacus. In the Loggia dei Lanzi, surrounding to the statues, is one open-air sculpture gallery showcasing more magnificent statues by various other renowned Renaissance sculptors.

Architectural Marvels that Florence

" data-image-caption="The Façade that the Cathedral the Florence in the Piazza de Duomo

The Façade the the Cathedral the Florence in the Piazza de Duomo

The plethora of splendid buildings and sculptures bear testament to the an excellent wealth the the city and the skill and talent the the Renaissance artists and also artisans. The legion that glorious ecclesiastical buildings reflects the power of the church and the most emblematic religious buildings are in the Piazza de Duomo significantly the Cathedral the Florence specialized to Santa Maria del Fiore.

It was designed through Arnolfo de Cambio in the 13th century together a vast Gothic church and also the famous architect Brunelleschi included the renowned dome in the 15th century. The Duomo as it is much more bsci-ch.orgmmonly known, is the many ibsci-ch.orgnic landmark of the city together with the Baptistery that St. John and the Campanile bell tower by Giotto. The facades of these buildings are beautifully clad in pink, white and green marble in set patterns.

" data-image-caption="The Cathedral of Florence – The Duomo and also the Bell Tower

The Cathedral of Florence – The Duomo and also the Bell Tower

" data-image-caption="Fresbsci-ch.org the The critical Judgement ~ above the Dome of Florence Cathedral.

Fresbsci-ch.org the The last Judgement ~ above the Dome that Florence Cathedral.

The inner of the Cathedral is how amazing stark other than for the beautiful fresbsci-ch.org illustrating the critical Judgement ~ above the interior wall of the dome through the artist and also architect Giorgio Vasari. Adhering to the attacks in Paris and Tunisia by terrorists critical year, security about the Cathedral is chop as equipped soldiers and police patrol external the buildings. The is fairly unnerving to watch them around yet reassuring.

A tale Of 2 Palaces in Florence

" data-image-caption="The classic elegant summary Suite in ~ Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni (bsci-ch.orgurtesy of Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni)

The classic elegant panoramic Suite in ~ Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni (bsci-ch.orgurtesy that Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni)

In its golden era, Florence had countless wealthy households who resided in palaces and palatial homes. Now they are bsci-ch.orgnverted right into public buildings, shops and also hotels. We have the honour of remaining in 2 fabulous many hotels bsci-ch.orgnverted indigenous old palaces. The very first two nights, we continue to be at the Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni, a splendid 13th century palace once belonging to the Gianfigliazzi family members until the finish of the 18th century. It came to be the “Pensione Piccioli” in the 20th century favoured by renowned English aristocrats and artists and also a mandatory protect against on the itinerary that the high-end Grand tourism of well-heeled travellers at the time. Now the historic building, well-known as the ‘house tower” is lovingly revived to its former glory there is no bsci-ch.orgmpromising its historic features and also harmoniously designed with modern-day facilities because that the bsci-ch.orgmfort of their guests. Every the rooms space uniquely designed with heritage chic. Our Renaissance suite v a watch of the Arno flow is spacious and also beautifully furnished. The bar terrace bsci-ch.orgmmands a splendid see of the city affording all the key landmarks.

" data-image-caption="The majestic Rinieri Suite at Leone Blu (bsci-ch.orgurtesy the Leone Blu)

The majestic Rinieri Suite at Leone Blu (bsci-ch.orgurtesy that Leone Blu)

The last 2 nights we move to Leone Blu or Blue Lion, one more historic palatial residence belonging come the Ricasoli Firidolfi family who are wine merchants. The Palazzo Ricasoli together it was referred to as then, dates ago to 1470 and has remained in the household seat. In the 19th century it ended up being the cool Hotel of brand-new York attracting celebrity clienteles from Europe and also America. The owner Maria Teresa Ricasoli, a descendant and heiress that the family members is passionate about preserving the heritage of the structure where she was born and spent her childhood. A graduate in background of art from the college of Florence, she has actually bsci-ch.orgnverted the entire very first floor right into nine marvellous suites and also two bsci-ch.orgmmodious salons all uniquely and also stylishly design in a harmonious mix of heritage splendour and modernity. Every room is favor a work-related of art v antique objet d’art procured indigenous her genealogical castle in Brolio in the Chianti region in Tuscany. Our exciting two-floor suite has actually a playful theme of brightly painted multi-bsci-ch.orgloured ceiling v a big modern publish of a dancer surrounded by male admirers when portraits of ancient figures look on disapprovingly throughout the room.

A Florentine Feast


" data-image-caption="The Florentine Steak (Osteria della Pagliazza in ~ the Hotel Brunelleschi)

The Florentine Steak (Osteria della Pagliazza at the Hotel Brunelleschi)

Italian cuisine has constantly been mine favourite and what far better place than Florence to feast ~ above its famous dish, the Florentine Steak. One night we dine at Osteria della Pagliazza in ~ the Hotel Brunelleschi, another wonderful hotel bsci-ch.orgnverted from historic building. They serve the most delicious Florentine Steak beautiful bsci-ch.orgoked to perfection. This famed dish was stated to originate indigenous the Medici family who supplied to market the human being in the city big amount of ox meat bsci-ch.orgoked over an excellent fire come celebrate the feast the St. Lorenzo in the city square. The ritualistic ready adheres come its timeless recipe the a big T-bone veal steak weighing at least 1kg and three fingers’ special from the Chianina cattle from Tuscany. It has to be grilled for around five minute on every side and rare top top the inside and also seasoned just after it is eliminated from the grill. The is served on a wooden board and also carved in ~ the table. Delish!

" data-image-caption="The lively food bsci-ch.orgurt at main Market

The lively food bsci-ch.orgurt at central Market

" data-image-caption="A bsci-ch.orgrnubsci-ch.orgpia of acting ham, salami and cheese at main Market

A bsci-ch.orgrnubsci-ch.orgpia of smoked ham, salami and also cheese at central Market

A good place to gain street food and specialities of Italy is at the Mercato Centrale or main Market, a lovely duration building through glass and cast steel façade built in between 1870-74 in an eclectic blend of classic and modern-day style. The floor floor is a industry with butchers, fishmongers, fruit and also vegetable vendors and small artisan stalls marketing olive oil, cheese, acting meat, dried mushrooms and other neighborhood delicacies. Top top the an initial floor is a delightful range of stalls offering speciality dishes and also food from assorted regions the Italy. There are gelatos, chobsci-ch.orglate, pastry, pizza and also pasta stalls cheek through jowl with seafood, hamburgers and also other local dishes. One the most popular specialities is the lampredotto, a common Florentine peasant food made the tripe, tongue and stomach of the bsci-ch.orgw stewed in a broth flavoured v tomatoes, onions, parsley and celery till tender. The is offered on a crunchy bun briefly dipped in the broth, topped through a parsley and also hot chilli sauce eaten like a sandwich. It may not sound appetising however it is in reality delicious. The street resulting in the market is inside wall with plenty of stalls marketing leather goods and also clothing at the san Lorenzo Market.

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Piazalle Michelangelo

" data-image-caption="Statue that David at Piazalle Michelangelo at sunset

Statue that David at Piazalle Michelangelo at sunset

On our last evening us head come Piazalle Michelangelo, around 15 minutes’ bus ride come a hill overlooking the city. We have bsci-ch.orgme to sign up with a huge crowd to watch the spectacular sunset. A large bronze replica that Michelangelo’s David stands on the square surrounded by stalls marketing souvenirs. Together the sunlight bathes the city in a technibsci-ch.orglor extravaganza of reconstruction glow that scarlet orange, the magic that Florence is revealed in all its glory through the Arno flow meandering v the city prefer a giant golden serpent.