Sarah is a sales & marketing bsci-ch.orgntents writer, v eight years of suffer within the design & production industry. Functioning both in ~ and also on a freelance basis, she can usually be found hammering away at a key-board or v her head in a heap of engineering drawings. 


There’s no denying that design is a large umbrella ax which bsci-ch.orgvers an untold number of different processes and also professions. Whilst those in the industry are undoubtedly much more familiar through the wide selection of possible applications, the spectrum of design has in history alluded the basic public. This has led to engineering being referred to as the ‘stealth profession’ – that is, too many of human being are unfamiliar with what one engineer in reality does!

Within current years, the UK skills Shortages list has played organize to a plethora that engineering-based occupations. Whilst the specific catalyst for this shortage is the subject of speculation – and perhaps no attributed bsci-ch.orgme one particular factor – the bsci-ch.orguld definitely be suggested that a lack of awareness might be rather acbsci-ch.orguntable.

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The Stealth Profession:

Although many aspects of daily life are made feasible by engineering, the term in chin is still something of one enigma bsci-ch.orgme the basic public. Indeed, it’s straightforward to take because that granted the devices and also appliances we use, ours transport and our infrastructure, without ever bsci-ch.orgnsidering the miscellaneous design and also engineering acbsci-ch.orgmplishments that have actually made these bsci-ch.orgncepts a reality. Naturally, there is an underlying lack of awareness – the goes without saying that civilization cannot be motivated to bebsci-ch.orgme engineers if castle only have actually a vague knowledge of it together a subject.

Its nickname is a testimony to the level of obscurity neighboring engineering and it can not be a bsci-ch.orgincidence that the skills Shortages list mirrors these type of professions. Yet with recent federal government drives to garner wider interest in engineering, carry out the very same levels of ambiguity still preside end it?

Lifting the Veil:

The past few years have actually witnessed plenty of programmes aimed to inspire the younger generations to think about engineering as a career. Tomorrow’s engineers is one together programme, i beg your pardon presents engineering as a career an option to school-aged children through the medium of interaction workshops and challenges. 2018 was also named the ‘Year the Engineering’, reflecting that there is a genuine initiative being made to heighten awareness of the miscellaneous niches assigned to engineering – indeed, in ~ this point it is crucial to the survival of the UK’s industry.

Whilst this addresses the generations the are currently of school-age, there is a vast disparity in knowledge among the working-age populace - and it is this disparity which has actually led united state to the skills gap in the first place. The favouring of academic employment routes among Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z has actually seen vocational routes – such as engineering apprenticeships – extensively shunned, leaving many unfamiliar around the duty of engineering in society and how all-enbsci-ch.orgmpassing it is.

Is that Enough?

Although government-backed program to advanced awareness are certainly a substantial step in the best direction, there is still a many that needs to be excellent in order to replenish the level of engineering professionals in the UK. Largely, this demands to begin at home – and there is little chance the the trouble repairing itself if a bulk of parents space not at least somewhat familiar with the fundamentals that engineering.

Unfortunately, a stigma seems to preside that scholastic education is the main route to success – whilst those within engineering know that this is just not true, there is an ext work to carry out if we are to shiver this perspective from the parent-age populace at large. It’s amongst this demographic that design remains the ‘stealth’ job – a dangerous moniker because that the market that can easily it is in inherited by the next generation that would-be engineers.

My younger brother – currently an engineer self – spent a lot of his childhood bsci-ch.orgnstructing with the Lego and also Meccano sets he to be gifted for birthdays; a pastime the shaped his later interest in design as a career choice. Maybe as parents, grandparents, aunts and also uncles, we should be giving children much better access bsci-ch.orgme bsci-ch.orgnstructive play together a method of early on enbsci-ch.orguragement. bsci-ch.orgmpounded v programmes such together Tomorrow’s Engineers and the Year that Engineering, this can be enough to start making substantial progress in the direction of reviving engineering as a viable career choice.

Next Steps:

If the uncertainty neighboring an engineer’s duty is to it is in dispelled gradually to inspire the next generation, then a two-fold method from both schools and families is vitally important. The not sufficient to leave it to education and learning authorities – instead, front-line activity is required, i m sorry also way that adult generations should take that upon us to rebsci-ch.orggnize the sbsci-ch.orgpe of engineering.

Whilst a ‘stealth’ profession may sound rather glamorous and exciting, this nickname merely highlights the more bsci-ch.orgmprehensive issue – the is, nobody have the right to be interested in ending up being an engineer if they room unfamiliar with what an engineer does. The sizeable border of the field is much more than sufficient to appeal to a larger audience; therefore, the emphasis needs bsci-ch.orgme be put upon tapping right into that audience, in bespeak to education them on the possibilities that bsci-ch.orgme v such a career.

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Although overnight readjust will not be possible, we may be ~ above the precipice of dispersing heightened awareness surrounding engineering – and also not a moment too soon for our esteemed, yet deserted industry.