Believe that or not, the is no the most renowned answer when someone is asked what sage smells like. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that that does popular music up much more than occasionally as solution to that question.

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Ok then, so what does sage odor like? an initial of all, it’s worth noting the everyone’s sense of odor is contempt different as with everyone’s feeling of taste. The will describe why you obtain so numerous different answers as to what this evergreen herb smells like.

Let’s take a small closer at some facts about sage the will assist us determine much better the bulk opinion the what sage smells like.

What exactly is Sage?


Perhaps we space approaching trying come answer the concern what sage smells like in the not correct way. Why is the you might wonder? the is because maybe we have not taken a close sufficient look at every the various varieties the sage there is. Simply as roses smell different so too does that seem that different varieties that sage do to.

That would go a long means toward solving the an enig as to why there are so numerous different answers as to what sage smells like. That would also indicate that there is no best or dorn answer come this question. Sage clearly smells favor a lot of various things to so many people.

According to this article, there room over 900 arrays of sage:

Our final Thoughts top top the smell of Sage

There certainly is a instance to be made that sage smells pungent, minty or astringent. There is likewise a situation to it is in made that it smells like any other variety of things too. That also includes world associating that is smell v marijuana. Once you have actually a plant that is assumed to have actually some 900 various varieties this is bound to happen.

So what does sage odor like? There apparently is no right or wrong answer. It is favor trying to tell someone else how they feel. One point is because that sure and also that is people will continue to use sage in many different ways and also when lock do, they will all have different opinions on exactly how it smells.

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