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The answer to your concern lies in chapter 7. However, to recognize what Randy is introduce to when he speak to Ponyboy, we will have to recall occasions from the coming before chapter.

In thing 6, Ponyboy and Johnny saved some schoolchildren native a burn church building. As...

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The answer to your inquiry lies in chapter 7. However, to understand what Randy is introduce to when he speak to Ponyboy, us will need to recall occasions from the coming before chapter.

In thing 6, Ponyboy and Johnny conserved some schoolchildren native a burning church building. As a result, both guys were injured. In chapter 7, we discover that Johnny is badly injured and also is in vital condition. The is in major shock, has third-degree burns, and his earlier is broken.

In contrast, Ponyboy only has actually a few burns and also a bruise throughout his back. So, he it s okay released from the hospital in quick order. A small while ~ he return home, Randy (Marcia"s Soc boyfriend) transforms up come speak come Ponyboy. Randy appears anxious to talk to Ponyboy around his rescue that the schoolchildren; he desires to know why Ponyboy rescued them. Randy maintains that, if he had been in Ponyboy"s place, he would have actually let the youngsters burn come death.

For his part, Ponyboy asserts that he want to conserve the children, also if it doesn"t make feeling to Randy. Randy responds that he never expected a Greaser to execute such a heroic thing. Then, he confesses to Ponyboy the he has actually no intention of attending the upcoming rumble. Randy is tho in deep grief at the lose of his great friend, Bob, and also he"s concerned the conclusion the all the fighting and also killing has become meaningless to him.

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Ponyboy assures Randy that he would have saved the children too if the had been in Ponyboy"s place. Ponyboy"s vote of trust comforts Randy, who now understands the Socs and Greasers are more alike 보다 they challenge to admit. At the finish of the conversation, Ponyboy has actually a similar epiphany: "Socs were just guys after ~ all. Things were rough all over, yet it was much better that way. That way you could tell the other guy was person too."

So, on the surface, Randy may have wanted to talk to Ponyboy about the reasons for Ponyboy"s altruistic action. In reality, however, Randy is desperate to reclaim his own humanity in the midst of the violent life he has actually led. Randy has actually a deep have to recognize both the humankind in the (a Soc) and Ponyboy (a Greaser) in order to justify his decision to stay away indigenous the upcoming rumble. This is why he wants to recognize why Ponyboy acted as he did.