There are lots of things that dogs frequently do that seem to us to be fully bizarre. Today, we're going come talk around why her dog can lick the walls.

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Understanding your dog’s behavior can it is in a genuine headache, particularly when they execute things which seem come be totally inexplicable. Rolling in the mud when they’ve just had actually a bath, chewing a sweaty sock, rummaging through the trash… perhaps you even see your dog licking the wall. Behind all these strange behaviors there’s constantly an explanation. Girlfriend just have to put yourself in their position and try to know it.

Today, we’re going to take it a look at why your dog could lick the wall. To do this, you need to think prefer a dog, run favor a dog, eat like a dog… or perhaps you can just carry on reading.


First of all, it’s amazing to keep in mind that eat non-edible substances is something that scientists have actually studied extensively. In particular, it’s studied by veterinarian ethologists and nutritionists, and if you understand anything about these 2 fields, you’ll know that the reason for her dog licking the wall surface is probably related come nutrition or behavior.

This problem is called pica, and also it’s identified as the gulp down of materials and also substances that room not part of the animal’s usual diet. Obviously, a wall surface isn’t something that dogs normally try to eat.

On the challenge of it, yes sir no reason they must be act this. When a dog rummages roughly in the trash, they’re probably in search of some leftovers that you’ve thrown away. however a dog licking the wall surface is harder come explain.


Psychological reasons

As we’ve already hinted at, the main reason is more than likely a behavioral disorder. Dogs are an extremely intelligent animals and have a an excellent capacity to develop complicated emotions. Although this is among the factors that castle such famous pets, it likewise has a downside, due to the fact that it method that their psychological health has a far-ranging impact on your well-being.

When your dog gets stressed, bored, or anxious, it might lick the wall in the same way that us bite ours nails. that nothing more than the manifestation of the emotions that they’re feeling.

In turn, this feelings deserve to be prompted by all sorts that things, for this reason it’s a good idea to look for some advice from a professional. However, in the meantime, right here are a few things the might reason your dog to feel this way.

Fears or phobias: Any pet that has actually been mistreated or experienced traumatic cases can routinely feel stressed or anxious as a result.Any transforms in your environment: This could be the arrival of another pet at home, the bear of a child, or change of address.

Nutritional reasons

There is quite a lot of of evidence to imply that nutritional deficiencies can cause dogs to build pica. If a dog is experiencing from a specific deficiency, lock may shot to compensate by trying come eat pretty lot anything.

Many walls space made the gypsum (calcium sulfate), and also calcium is a basic mineral. So, if your dog has actually a deficiency… they have actually a whole wall of calcium to lick. However, this isn’t regularly the factor for pica. Most commercial feeds save the appropriate balance of nutrients to prevent any kind of deficiency. Pets that suffer from nutritional deficiencies space usually fed homemade diets based on leftovers

Is your dog licking the wall? talk to your vet

As you have the right to see, back it can seem a little bit strange and also funny to start with, there could be a serious reason behind her dog licking the wall. If friend have any type of doubts at all, do a visit to her vet to ask for advice.

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