Why does Beowulf insist on facing the dragon alone, especially when that feels that his fatality is near?
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In the Scandinavian tribal world of Beowulf , inter-tribal battle is nearly an everyday event, and also struggles with monsters like Grendel, Grendel"s mother, and the dragon are nearly routine. In warrior societies—that originated in what is now Scandinavia and also extended come Anglo-Saxon England—warriors and their leaders space the most valued...

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In the Scandinavian tribal world of Beowulf, inter-tribal battle is nearly an everyday event, and struggles v monsters prefer Grendel, Grendel"s mother, and also the dragon are virtually routine. In warrior societies—that originated in what is now Scandinavia and also extended come Anglo-Saxon England—warriors and their leaders space the most valued members the the tribe since they guarantee the tribe"s survive in a brutal people full of competing tribes and supernatural beings. When, because that example, Beowulf has actually introduced himself and his guys to Hrothgar, and also Wealtheow, Hrothgar"s queen uses a cup the mead come Beowulf, he speak her

I decided . . . The I, by myself, would fulfill/your people"s wish, or loss in slaughter/gripped strict by the fiend. I"m going come achieve/valorous deeds, or await my/last job in this mead hall. (ll. 633–639)

Beowulf"s desire come fight Grendel by himself, or die in the attempt, is an important component of a leader"s worth in a warrior society—he is valued not due to the fact that he to be born right into a leadership role but due to the fact that his personal strengths and an abilities in war are 2nd to none, and personal glory is a warrior"s goal, not lengthy life.

At the end of a lengthy life together the Geats" leader—a power that is identified by its tranquility for the Geat tribe—Beowulf find himself together an old man however once again thrust into the place of defending his tribe versus a superordinary being, in this case, the dragon who has been awakened through a thief. As beowulf prepares come fight the dragon that has struck Beowulf"s village, that gives specific orders to his men:

It is no your duty,/nor the mandate the men, other than for me alone,/to expend energy against the monster,/to execute noble deeds, I will gloriously/gain the gold, or violent death,/a furious battle, will take her lord. (ll. 2532–37)

As in his decided to Wealtheow, beo wolf articulates one of the most crucial goals the this warrior society—personal glory. Beowulf, expertise that the is at the finish of his life, perceives his duty to save his tribe and, an ext important, to carry out this by himself, just as he once challenged Grendel alone together a young warrior. Personal glory, not just winning, is everything.

beo wolf is the can be fried Anglo-Saxon hero. Follow to Anglo-Saxon conventions, the epic hero should possess many different characteristics. He should be brave, courageous, a polished speaker, a leader, a warrior, and also possess super-human qualities.

That being said, the Anglo-Saxon hero must additionally only struggle battles against foes of equal or greater strength castle they possess. Given that for the Anglo-Saxons, fate to be the regulating factor in life. One might simply not select when they would certainly die; instead, they knew the fate would pick the time of your death.

In regards come Beowulf"s fight v the dragon, the usual hero would still acquire fame and also glory--even in death. Beo wolf knew the the best means for a hero to dice is during a fight through an epos foe. Because that Beowulf, the dragon stood for the epos foe. Therefore, his fatality would be reputed one proving, again, his heroic valor.

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As Beowulf witnessed it, the only means to die is in battle. Once speaking come Hrothgar around his impending fight with Grendel, Beowulf proclaimed that his death may come in ~ the hands of the monster. This was merely something the epos hero had actually to face. The fight with the dragon to be no different. Also though beowulf knew the he was close come death, the would quite die fighting 보다 waiting come die.