numerous times, when there is rain after a long time, snails come out afterwards, and also you can see snails and also slugs everywhere! I have two questions:

Why carry out they come out after the rain?

Where are they generally found, no after a rain?

Note the I do emphasize as soon as there is a rain "after a lengthy time"


Snails are comparable to amphibians in the they breathe through their skin (though they also have gills or lungs). Under dry conditions, they seek cover to combat dessication. But when the rains, they "come out," just like many amphibians.

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I need to qualify the an initial sentence come say part snails. There are aquatic snails and also terrestrial snails (which I"m sure you"re introduce to). Aquatic snails typically have gills, while many terrestrial snails have a solitary lung (I think).

Slugs, choose snails, room generally found in moist areas and can frequently be checked out after a rain.

I don"t know of a single reference that pulls it every together, but this is a great place come start...

The Living human being of Molluscs

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In many species, slugs and snails endure droughts (which would certainly otherwise kill them by dehydration) by developing "slime tombs" (initially-viscous balloon of slime) roughly themselves. These tombs or pellets will easily dry out, top top the surface, if resisting total dehydration. When it rains, this capsules will certainly re-hydrate or "melt," start on the surface, and also the creatures will crawl free. Due to the fact that they"ve unable to do without food, they"re ravenous, and go everywhere, "rasping" softened nutrients from the surface of plants and even objects whereby "blossoming" single-cell organisms (also freshly re-hydrated) can be found.

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