Mine do. I have actually no idea why. Perhaps I’m strange. Probably it is an unrealistic superpower.

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What around you?

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Not the critical time i checked. But, due to the fact that you stated that her do, that provides me desire to experiment and see if mine will as soon as I sneeze. I have to go sniff some pepper. I’ll be earlier in a tiny while.

Instead of answering this question, I’m going to ask:

Why the heck space you touching yourself after sneezing?!

grisaille, I hate to admit this, yet I’m not sure… But, what ns do know is the sneezing because that a woman is like having a mini orgasm. That come from my OB/GYN. Since I sneezed a couple times and also I guess i was smiling, he asked me about it. Alittle embarrassed, however I walk answer him, stated it felt good… that then defined what the meant. He likewise said, no all women did this. I teasingly request if he had any pepper handy.

sccrowell ns think that’s for every one of us, male and also female. Reportedly your mind blacks out lot like once we have actually an orgasm.

Though sneezing is infinitely less satisfying. ‘specially if girlfriend accidentally shoot a snot rocket. Though that hasn’t happened due to the fact that I was young.

Grisaille This is the one time i can’t sneeze!

You will be the first, second, 3rd to know if lock do, okay? ;~)

I’m beginning to think you’re all pullin’ mine leg.

I’m walk to have to engage Operation: pertained to Your House, Tickle your Nose v a Feather and Touch her Nipples

bsci-ch.org bsci-ch.org bsci-ch.org .. Tsk tsk tsk… lol… it never ever ceases to surprised me that the intelligent, thoughtful, or mind changing questions acquire perhaps one GQ whilst anything about a nipple or a bum it s okay the complete entree. XD

Oh.. No.. Mine nipples don’t.

I’m not sure, but I have actually a emotion that castle do. I get kind that goose-bumpy once I sneeze, for this reason it would certainly make sense. I’ll try to mental to examine next time and report back.

Sneezing doesn’t turn me on for this reason no the doesn’t , and also i never ever really felt mine nipples during or best after a sneeze to find out . Brand-new experiment everyone as soon as you sneeze touch yourself and also post back :)

I have a better one. Next time anyone sneezes around you, grab your nipples!

(Remember to keep exact records).

People! Grisaille is no stupid!! perform you expect him come just think what you’ll call him? NO WAY. He demands PROOF.

So please! take photographs and also send them to ME. I’ll give them to him. Honest.

After part testing, ive involved the conclusion, the yes, my nipples do obtain hard once i sneeze.

Though its only the best one. The left has never been hard because i pierced it.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been trying to sneeze every day simply to test this out, and also everytime I almost sneeze, it simply fades away.

brinibear No i didn’t. But it’s quiet weird. I’m generally able to offer monster sneezes top top a frequent basis. Why is it that currently when I want one ns can’t have actually one! * pouts *

Then again, ns should most likely be slightly disturbed in ~ the fact that I desire to sneeze so that I have the right to feel my own nipples…

For crying out loud, I’ve been emotion my nipples randomly all day just to see whether they were soft or hard.. If anyone i found it I’d it is in mortified.

Try imagining the adhering to conversation:“Why the hell room you feeling your own nipples?!“Uh… Well… I review on the net the if girlfriend sneeze your nipples may acquire hard. I’m just seeing even if it is mine are difficult naturally”

Yeah.. Awkward…

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Is to be a dead pigs nipple

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uberbatman…Are you particular it to be the sneezing? once I to be younger, one of the pot scare warnings to be that lengthy pot cigarette smoking would lead to enlarged male breasts. Probably they were just a little off and it was really hardened nipples? have the right to you re-publishing anything in this regard? Actually, I’m hoping you’ll share several of your absent ass shit…now pass the pipeline dammit see ya….Gary aka wtf

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sandystrachan, so you did a find on “pictures that dead pig’s nipples”? Or walk you just take a photograph of the one you have in your house?

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Quagmire I would certainly love to say other funny , i can’t be bothered so ns googles dead pigs nipples . Just for you

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whatthebsci-ch.org nope, defintely the sneeze. I had a really bad allergy assault last night so much sneezing. I felt both pre-sneeze and post-sneeze. Soft and also squishy before… reduced through glass after.

what friend want several of this?

El_Cadejo (34565)“Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶
uberbatman…..sweeeeeet! Thanks…...wtf.

whatthebsci-ch.org (13812)“Great Answer” (0) Flag as… ¶
uberbatman, what sort of nipple piercing do you have actually anyway ? is that a little triforce ? a canabis sheet ? please enlighten us

iwamoto (5266)“Great Answer” (0) Flag as… ¶
iwamoto ohhh mannnn i would love a tiny triforce. Now, shot not to get too turn on, yet mine looks prefer this

El_Cadejo (34565)“Great Answer” (0) Flag as… ¶

I.. Still.. Can’t.. SNEEZE!I’ve never wanted to sneeze so badly before..

Pity the motive had to be poignant myself..

Saturated_Brain (5235)“Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶
uberbatman well, i tried….

iwamoto (5266)“Great Answer” (0) Flag as… ¶

….I have uncovered that lock do….

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You know I have actually been sneezing a lot all day, and also I can’t sneeze best now, so ns am going to have actually to figure this out later. I’m going come look favor a creep too as soon as I sneeze and also immediately touch myself…that sound wrong…

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No that doesn’t. I execute it every the time! renders a “God Bless You” REALLY out of place!

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I ultimately did it! I lastly did it! and the results?

My best nipple it s okay harder than my left one.

Now somebody kill me because that admitting the many embarrassing thing in the world please.

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Saturated_Brain ns am appropriate there through you. And also yes, castle do!

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Also, as an aside, once I was on line because that the Nine customs Nails concert, i asked the folks approximately me the same question.

I do a bunch of new friends the day.

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Grisaille….Are lock the touchy feely kind of friends? Cuz that might not be also bad, particularly if NIN fans! watch ya…Gary aka wtf

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Oh, you bet. Honestly, Webster Hall acquired so hot (1498 world in a relatively small area – temperatures had to it is in Grisaille (12048)“Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶

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