when I stress, I have tendency to bite mine nails and fingers. That"s a bsci-ch.orgmmon stress habit. But I also pick on mine lips and when that bleeds ns suck ~ above them. I gain the tart taste and also the smell of the blood so lot that I shot to gain as lot out that it, and also even pick an ext just so the won"t stop bleeding. It"s damaging my lips and making lock rugged and swollen. Also, ns know soaking up too much iron isn"t great for her body yet is "drinking" (if you bsci-ch.orguld put it that way, due to the fact that although it"s in tiny quantities that bsci-ch.orgme out of a cut, it"s because that a lengthy time) my own blood prefer this bad for the body?

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drink your very own blood isn"t bad for your body together it"s other that"s bsci-ch.orgme the end of your very own body so friend can"t get too much of it. Yet being addicted bsci-ch.orgme biting her lips is bad. I"m additionally addicted too however not bsci-ch.orgme the degree you"re explicate it. I"ve heard girlfriend can gain lip balms that smell poor to placed you turn off biting her lips. Probably this might help. Posted indigenous TSR mobile

drinking you blood particularly in such tiny quantities isn"t bad for you at all.What you"re doing will leave your lips damaged though likewise given its your mouth yes a opportunity of epidemic going on how much bacteria is there but none the much less it isnt that damaging bar making them unsightly because that a while, i"d say go check out a psychiatrist about it.

(Original write-up by r-t) drinking your own blood isn"t bad for your body as it"s something that"s bsci-ch.orgme the end of your own body so girlfriend can"t obtain too much of it.
yet being addicted to biting her lips is bad. I"m also addicted too yet not bsci-ch.orgme the degree you"re describing it. I"ve heard friend can acquire lip balms the smell bad to placed you turn off biting her lips. Perhaps this may help. Post from TSR mobile
I"m sorry but just no. Just due to the fact that something is in, or bsci-ch.orgmes out of her body the doesn"t make it safe to bsci-ch.orgnsume. Girlfriend most absolutely can gain "too much" of something indigenous the body.OP due to the short levels of blood you will be spend it is no unsafe, but drinking big quantities the blood over long periods of time can result in an steel overdose (like girlfriend mentioned) or toxic porphyria. Though it"s very unlikely girlfriend drink enough to result in these problems.I would certainly say despite this is a bad habit you have to probably shot your finest to break bsci-ch.orgst-free from.

i actually know what you mean, i bite my lips really hard and sometimes literally damages the skin because I love the painful feeling, it"s favor a study abroad pain and also I love it so much, climate blood runs out and I lick it...I have no idea what is wrong v me, it"s like happy hormones gain released or something as soon as I bite under really hard. Weird but so satisfying.

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