Me: "To hide in cherry trees." You: RRRR! Me: "Have you ever seen one elephant in a cherry tree?" You: "No." Me: "See? it works!" I"ve always wondered about this.



Citizen Irrelevant writes:

This question strikes me as (1) frivolous or trite; or (2) one infantilization the this forum. There space myriad real-world examples of fallacies broadcast everyday in the MSM, which space worthy the deconstructing: this cartoonish submission, just an absurd exercise.

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Bryan writes:

How about if it"s rephrased:

Crystals stop cancer.

I"ve worn crystals for years and also I"ve never developed cancer.

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Bo Bennett, PhD writes:

Another TOO typical real civilization example of this:

If trump card was chosen by God, he would certainly be a flawed human (like other flawed world in the holy bible that God determined to do his bidding).

Trump is absolutely a flawed person.

Therefore, this is proof that trump was liked by God.

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Bo Bennett, PhD writes:

We"re every flawed, not just Trump.

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Theologically, all human beings are flawed, so having to to speak "God chooses flawed people" makes just as lot sense as "God chooses person people." You room using Equivocation here. In the context of the argument, "flawed" is no "non-perfection;" that is more like "morally deficient."


Well, gee, it was your usage of "flawed" that i relied upon because that accepting her premise. If you supposed Trump, in the context of the argument, to be "morally deficient" it was your equivocation, no mine, once you said "flawed" rather of "morally deficient".


I understand my question was just plain silly. I"m pretty new here, and also I didn"t realize that feeling is taken into consideration inappropriate in this forum. How about this: "Why execute you take aspirin every day?" "Because I get a most headaches." "Have you ever gone a work without taking aspirin?" "I go once, and also I gained a headache. The proves that works."

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Aside native the comment given, friend can also see it as affirming the consequent.

If X hides in a cherry tree, then X won"t be seen.

We cannot check out X.

Therefore, X hides in a cherry tree.

This details example appears to be a clear joke / irony, for this reason no fallacies. However, I have seen comparable lines of "reasoning" that are meant to be serious. First, there is Begging the Question (elephant"s don"t repaint their nails). Second, the "to hide in cherry trees" prize is factually incorrect. Third, the reality that we haven"t seen an elephant hiding in a cherry tree doesn"t typical the reason provided for why is sustained by the truth (false reason / Non Sequitur ).

answered on Wednesday, Mar 04, 2020 06:05:08 am by Bo Bennett, doctor

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You (Me:) space assuming that since you can"t prove who wrong, they are right. This is the proving Non-Existence Fallacy.

Proving Non-Existence

Tami writes:

As Bo said, clearly this is a joke. However, thanks for your post. Some civilization make statements the sound similar to this, that should be jokes, however are not. So, there is still something come learn around fallacy native the Bo"s answer, and perhaps rather that may follow. :D

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