Why execute baseball football player wear yellow chains? the is not weird to view baseball football player wear one or much more than one gold chain.

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Why perform Baseball players Wear yellow Chains?

The player that made this practice famous was Manny Ramirez. The end of his jersey, one could see that wearing everywhere from 3 to 5 yellow chains.

Another example is Mookie Betts. He would wear yellow chains every time that hit a home run. Below are the factors why this exercise is common amongst these players:


Gold is a priceless metal, and it looks beautiful. Part players room earning numerous dollars reasons for which they have the right to afford purchase these varieties of commodities from respected jewelers.

Some football player won’t switch their jerseys completely to show their luxurious belongings, namely, gold chains. Ns guess they may make castle even more popular among their woman fans!

The many common type of chain the baseball players wear is a basic gold chain. Nothing be fooled by the name, though. The basic chain consists of a special chain that has an interwoven design. Player Mookie Betts likes these species of chains.

Due come its thickness, the looks pretty cool. However, it deserve to interfere with the player’s scope of vision, specifically when they run at your maximum rate in order not to get caught.



Many yellow chains that baseball players wear has a overcome in it. Many superstitions are going ~ above in baseball, native chewing gum, do certain routines, and others, kissing their gold chains is a way for castle to feel they will do far better at the game.

Along with superstition, religious beliefs is also far-reaching in sports. Needless come say, the cross that is presented on some players’ chains symbolize how Christ died for humankind over 2,000 year ago. One or an ext crosses have the right to be worn in gold chains.

Contrary to straightforward gold chains, cross yellow chains room smaller and also lighter, which provides them a far better bet when playing the sport.

However, they deserve to break if lock dive top top the floor to with the following base. The factor why big crosses space rarely provided as yellow chain equipment in baseball is that they have the right to be dangerous once the football player dive in.

Where Can world Find a yellow Chain comparable to Those Worn through Baseball Players?

The bad news is that you might need over 10 cool to buy one like your favourite MLB player.

The great thing is the if friend have more than one amount, you can look like a professional wannabe baseball player. Your price tags is really high due to the fact that most the them room custom-made by famous jewelers.

The most straightforward means to obtain one is to walk to a neighborhood jewelry store and also have one made. Most civilization can’t differentiate between a hefty-priced yellow chain and a low-priced one.

For this reason, a an excellent option is to shop because that one in Amazon, such together the diamond-cut chain necklace. We can find them at a reasonable price. The crucial here is to pick one the is together thick as the persons worn by baseball players.

Having a beautiful gold chain hanging out of her baseball uniform is miscellaneous to be proud of. What the heck, it’s cool regardless.

We can discover less thick gold chains for ridiculously low prices, however that won’t make you look favor a professional baseball player.

However, this deserve to be adjusted if the chain has a overcome in it. Ns can discover 14K gold chains with this shape for as low together $35 online. Considering baseball football player make big salaries, i’m guessing expert players wear just 24k yellow chains.

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Final Thoughts

Why perform Baseball football player wear gold Chains? together you have actually seen, the foremost factor why baseball players wear gold chains is the it provides them look better. A wire can also act as either a religious or superstitious item.

Given the truth that win is an extremely important in any type of sport, having a belief on an object that will increase your chances of obtaining ahead in the game, gold chains are great amulets for the purpose.