For the first 4 periods of The Closer, Gina Ravera played Irene Daniels, the homicide detective and ultimate love interemainder of David Gabriel. Her sense of humor helped her resolve all the extra male attention she gets from time to time, yet unfortunately, the end of her arc pits her versus a details male for a job that sadly sends her packing from the department before a lot of viewers were all set to say goodbye.

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Ravera started acting in 1990 via a string of guest functions in TV and movies, via her earliest appearance on television on an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The two-component episode "Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect" had a ton of great guest stars alongside Ravera, in Quincy Jones, Heavy D, Bo Jackson and many type of more, however Ravera"s scene comes early in the episode, which finds cousins Will and Carlton fighting over the very same girl, with unmeant results.

In the episode, Ravera played Cheryl, a girl on a fictitious day through Will that Carlton is narrating to impress the girl he and Will both like. The scene is hilarious and sees Will being the worst day on the planet to the exceedingly patient Cheryl, that he stupidly walks up a dangerous dark alley to get her home. When they encounter trouble in the alley, that"s once Carlton waltzes up pulling moves to the music of "Smooth Criminal" to conserve the day. At the finish of the dream sequence, Carlton gets the girl, and also that"s around as cshed to foreshadowing as the playful sitcom acquired.

After Fresh Prince, Ravera appeared in hit mirrors like In Living Color, True Colors, Melrose Place and also Star Trek: The Next Generation prior to landing her initially recurring TV duty as a medical professional on Silk Stalkings. That resulted in also even more high-profile roles in movies favor Showgirls and Kiss the Girls. By the moment the decade closed, she"d sign up with her first actors, co-starring alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt as a bar waitrress on the Party of Five spin-off Time of Your Life.


Just before appearing on The Closer, Ravera also had a 13-episode arc on ER as Dr. Bettina DeJesus and simply last year, she featured in three episodes of the activity drama Arrow. In an intercheck out through, Ravera explained exactly how her function on The Closer was uniquely challenging:

"I’m incredibly passionate and also exceptionally expressive. I’ve played dancers and also freaks. I’m from San Francisco, and also I definitely put that component of my personality on-screen. This character, Daniels, is much more booked than I’ve ever played. It was exceptionally challenging to play someone who was so buttoned dvery own, so right.

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... It’s challenging not expressing the means that I feel."