Gerrit Rietveld offered lumber cut in conventional sizes for his Red-Blue chair because he hope the chair would later be mass-produced, no hand-crafted. Opyion B is correct.

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Gerrit thomas Rietveld to be a netherlands furniture designer and architect. He was one of the major members of the Dutch creative movement known as De Stijl, Rietveld and became renowned for his Red and Blue Chair and also for the Rietveld Schröder House, which constitutes a UNESCO human being Heritage Site.

He had actually hoped his chair(s) would certainly go on to be mass-produced, not hand-crafted. As a issue of fact, he had actually hopes that much of his furniture would certainly be mass-produced--he aimed because that simplicity in construction. The pieces of lumber that comprised the Red Blue Chair were the standard lumber sizes readily obtainable at the time.

The correct answer ~ above Plato is "because he hope the chair would later on be mass-produced, not hand-crafted" which is at this time the 2nd option.

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TRECA: since he hope the chair would later be mass-produced, no hand-crafted Hoping that much of his furniture would at some point be mass-produced, Rietveld aimed because that simplicity in construction. As such the pieces of hardwood that comprise the Red Blue Chair space in the standard lumber sizes readily available at the time. hope the helps


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