Atticus accepts the project of defending Tom Robinson because he was particularly appointed by judge Taylor and also desires to set an instance for his children. Atticus wants to display Jem and Scout the importance of courage, integrity, and following one"s conscience. Atticus also knows the he can never live with himself if he did not valiantly safeguard Tom. He recognizes the meaning of protecting innocent, delicate people and wishes come act together a positive duty model for his children.

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In Harper Lee"s classic novelTo kill a Mockingbird, judge Taylor appoints Atticus Finch to safeguard Tom Robinson in former of what will certainly be a racialism jury and audience. Referee Taylor recognizes Atticus together a moral man who champions gyeongju equality and also will valiantly safeguard an chaste client...

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In Harper Lee"s classic novel To kill a Mockingbird, referee Taylor appoints Atticus Finch to defend Tom Robinson in front of what will be a racism jury and also audience. Referee Taylor recognizes Atticus together a moral man who champions racial equality and will valiantly safeguard an innocent client like Tom Robinson regardless of his race. Typically, court-appointed defenses are given to inexperienced lawyers choose Maxwell Green. However, judge Taylor supports Tom Robinson and chooses Atticus for the job due to the fact that he to know Atticus will an obstacle Maycomb"s prejudiced court system.

Even though Atticus is appointed to Tom Robinson"s case, he provides the courageous decision to vigorously protect him fairly than succumb to gyeongju prejudice and enable the prosecutor to have his way. During a conversation around the upcoming trial, Jack asks Atticus if he will "Let this cup pass" and Atticus responds by saying,

"Right. But do friend think ns could face my youngsters otherwise? You understand what’s going to happen and I do, Jack, and also I hope and pray ns can obtain Jem and also Scout through it there is no bitterness, and most that all, without capturing Maycomb’s usual disease."

Although Atticus seems to have taken into consideration not taking the case, that feels he has no an option but to set a good example for his kids by championing gyeongju equality in order to prevent Jem and Scout from catching "Maycomb"s normal disease." that does not want them developing into cynical, racist individuals like the bulk of your neighbors.

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As a ethically upright man, Atticus knows the he must safeguard Tom Robinson in order come act together a positive duty model for his children and also teach them an useful attributes. Atticus really hopes to show Jem and also Scout the prominence of courage, integrity, and obeying one"s conscience. He additionally wants to show the prominence of protecting innocent, defenseless individuals. When Scout asks Atticus why that is defending Tom Robinson, Atticus says,

"The key one is, if i didn’t i couldn’t hold up mine head in town, ns couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, i couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to perform something again."

Atticus"s comments as soon as again reveal that the is encouraged to defend Tom Robinson in order come live as much as his own ethical standards and solidify his strong beliefs. His conscience influences him to take a stand versus racial prejudice and also prove Tom"s innocence.