mine bsci-ch.org publication states that by convention a clockwise minute is claimed to be an unfavorable and an anti-clockwise minute is stated to it is in positive. I"m curious about the beginning of this convention.

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My thoughts:

It doesn"t matter which -wise you assign $+$ or $-$ as lengthy as you are consistent.

In science being regular with you yourself is every well and great but for the objective of interaction it is practically for everyone to be constant with each other and hence come agree ~ above a convention.

Sometimes the reason why the convention to be assigned thus is purely arbitrary and deserves no additional discussion.

I have actually seen videos ~ above YouTube where clockwise has actually been assigned positive and this seems an ext natural to me.

My question:

Is the above convention fully arbitrary or was there a factor for this assignment?If therefore what to be the reason?

I have looked and also could not uncover a satisfactory answer to my concern anywhere.

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We traditionally use a right-handed coordinate mechanism in 3D bsci-ch.org, and in a right-handed system, optimistic moments space counterclockwise. Friend can display this starting from the definition of the cross product, which (in a sense) basically sets the handedness that the coordinate system.

However, there"s no physical reason to use a right-handed system. You can just too do bsci-ch.org in a left-handed system, as lengthy as you were consistent about it, and you would uncover that confident moments would certainly be clockwise.

Perhaps over there is a historic reason we usage a right-handed system, but you"d have to ask about that on history of Science and also Mathematics SE.

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