The 1980s saw the raises of several talented singers and many of your songs remain popular long ~ introduction. But as time overcome by, it’s gaining harder and also harder for the median music enthusiasts to rediscover standard 80s tune sung by mrs singers. One prime example is the search for “whoa oh oh oh” track 80s mrs singer. Because of various factors, different civilization have different ideas once it comes to songs of mrs singers with “whoa oh oh oh” in the text which bring about inconsistent results. 

Want to recognize the song that frequently come increase in questions regarding “whoa oh oh oh” track 80s mrs singer? If the happens to be the situation then girlfriend have come to the best place. This post could display you the most most likely possibilities as well as highly pertinent information.

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Songs with “Whoa five Oh Oh” Sung By mrs Singers

Self manage – Laura Branigan 

Laura Ann Branigan (1952 – 2004) was an American actress, songwriter and also singer. She got to the height of her music job in the 1980s v “The strength of Love”, “Ti amo”, “Solitaire”, “Gloria” and also of course, “Self-Control”. Arranged by Harold Faltermeye and produced through Jack White, Branigan’s “Self Control” was indeed a global multi-format hit. The song topped the graph in 4 countries (Sweden, Austria, Canada and South Africa) and also reached high positions in 4 others (second in Norway, third in Australia, third in Ireland and fifth in the U.K).


You keep Me Hangin’ on – Kim Wilde 

Born in West London together Kim Smith, Kim Wilde is an active English DJ, TV presenter, author and pop singer the debuted in the 1980s. Between 1981 and also 1996, Wilde had actually a total of 25 singles that reach the peak 50 of the UK singles chart consisting of You store Me Hangin’ ~ above (second in 1986). Gift a reworked version of the track of the same name that the American group the Supremes, Wilde’s “You store Me Hangin’ On” is thought about by many people to be the greatest hit of she career till this day. 


“Walking ~ above Sunshine” – Katrina and The Waves

Consists of about 4 members (Alex Cooper, Vince de la Cruz, Kimberley Rew and also Katrina Leskanich), Katrina and The Waves to be a British-American absent band. By every accounts, “Walking top top Sunshine” was the very first international success that the band the earned lock a Grammy award nomination because that Best brand-new Artist. On the U.S and the UK music chart, Katrina and The Waves’ go on Sunshine” regulated to take the night and also eighth point out respectively. 


“The males All Pause” – Klymaxx

Formed in 1979, Klymaxx to be an all-female pop/R&B tape from Los Angeles, California. Klymaxx’s “The men All Pause” was released in the fourth album the the band, “Meeting in the females Room”. Generally speaking, the tune performed admirably ~ above the graph (number 80 on Billboard hot 100, number 9 on warm Dance club Play and also number 5 on hot Black Singles). It’s believed that the success of “The males All Pause” helped “Meeting in the ladies Room” with Platinum status.


“Walk choose an Egyptian” – The Bangles

Debuted as a pop-rock band, The Bangles recorded a pair of singles that reach the U.S. Top 10 in the 1980s including “In her Room”, “Manic Monday”, “A Hazy the shade of Winter”, … yet The Bangles’ “Walk choose an Egyptian” was widely well-known as the best hit indigenous the band. Released as the third solitary in the second album the the band, “Different Light”, “Walk like an Egyptian” populated number 3 on the UK chart and also stayed in ~ the optimal of the warm 100 for weeks. Since of that, “Different Light” became the most successful album of the band by far.


Final words of “whoa oh oh oh” track 80s female Singer


Overall, it’s undoubtedly frustrating come be unable to uncover the song that friend enjoy due to the fact that you forget that is names. So check out the noted possibilities and also see if your “whoa five oh oh” track 80s mrs singer is there.

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