Music Friday: john Denver Is 'Leaving top top a Jet Plane,' however Promises come Return with a Wedding Ring

Welcome come Music Friday when we lug you throwback songs v jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the location or lyrics. Today, 1970s icon John Denver wears his heart on his sleeve in the timeless hit, "Leaving top top a Jet Plane." In this song around the heart pain of being much away native the one girlfriend love, the musician is about to embark on an extensive tour, but prior to he heads to the airport, he wants to assure his girlfriend that he is totally committed to her.

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With an impatient taxi driver wait for him in ~ the curb, Denver wakes his girlfriend at the crack of dawn. That begs she to "wait because that him" and promises the they will tie the knot as soon as he returns.

He sings, "Every ar I go, I"ll think of friend / Every song I sing, I"ll sing for you / as soon as I come back, I"ll bring your wedding ring."

"This is a very personal and really special song for me," Denver said the BBC. "It doesn"t conjure increase Boeing 707s or 747s because that me as much as that does the an easy scenes of leaving. Bags packed and standing by the former door, taxi pulling increase in the early on morning hours, the sound the a door close up door behind you, and also the believed of leaving someone the you care for an extremely much. That still strikes a lonely and anguished chord in me, since the separation tho continues, although not so long and not so regularly nowadays."

The child of a U.S. Army Air forces pilot, Denver and his family members moved often and also it was challenging for the introverted small boy to do friends. Also as an adult, the was always tormented by the feeling of not understanding where the "right" location was.

The anguish of being on the road influenced a 24-year-old Denver to write "Babe, I hate to Go" (later renamed "Leaving top top a Jet Plane") in 1966 during a layover at Washington airport. The tune was very first released top top Denver"s studio album John Denver Sings, however didn"t come to be a quit hit until his producer Milt Okun introduced the track to Peter, Paul and Mary in 1969. That version went to #1 top top the U.S. Billboard warm 100 and became the trio"s greatest hit.

As the writer the the immensely popular "Leaving ~ above a Jet Plane," Denver observed his solo switch right into overdrive. Bolstered by songs, such as "Take Me Home nation Roads," "Annie"s Song," "Rocky mountain High," "Thank God I"m a country Boy" and also "Sunshine on mine Shoulders," Denver came to be one of the most popular acts the the 1970s.

Born Henry john Deutschendorf, Jr., in Roswell, N.M, in 1943, Denver spent most of his adult life in his much-beloved embraced state that Colorado. In fact, he took the name "Denver" to respect Colorado — and because the surname Deutschendorf to be not likely to to the right on countless marquees.

Over the course of his career, Denver recorded around 300 songs and also sold much more than 33 million documents worldwide. Sadly, his career to be cut brief when his two-seat plane crashed close to Monterey Bay, Calif., in 1997. He was 53.

Please inspect out the the 1977 concert video of Denver performing "Leaving ~ above a Jet Plane." The lyrics are listed below if you"d favor to song along...

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"Leaving on a Jet Plane"Written and performed by john Denver.

All my bags space packedI"m all set to goI"m standin" here exterior your doorI hate to wake you as much as say goodbyeBut the dawn is breakin"It"s at an early stage mornThe taxi"s waitin"He"s blowin" his hornAlready I"m therefore lonesomeI could die

So kiss me and smile because that meTell me the you"ll wait because that meHold me favor you"ll never ever let me go"Cause I"m leavin" on a jet planeDon"t understand when I"ll be back againOh babe, I dislike to go

There"s so plenty of times I"ve let girlfriend downSo plenty of times I"ve played aroundI tell friend now, lock don"t average a thingEvery location I go, I"ll think that youEvery track I sing, I"ll song for youWhen i come back, I"ll carry your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile because that meTell me that you"ll wait for meHold me favor you"ll never ever let me go"Cause I"m leavin" top top a jet planeDon"t understand when I"ll be ago againOh babe, I hate to go

Now the time has involved leave youOne more timeLet me kiss youThen close your eyesI"ll be on my wayDream around the days to comeWhen ns won"t need to leave aloneAbout the times, ns won"t need to say

Oh, kiss me and smile for meTell me that you"ll wait for meHold me choose you"ll never let me go"Cause I"m leavin" on a jet planeDon"t understand when I"ll be back againOh babe, I dislike to go

But, I"m leavin" on a jet planeDon"t recognize when I"ll be earlier againOh babe, I hate to go