“Have i Told friend Lately”

This is a 1980s classic song written and also performed by valve Morrison. Morrison is a north Irish singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and record producer. His musical career started when he remained in his teenage years. He typically plays various instruments like the guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and saxophone in a neighborhood band. Thus, he additionally covered popular hits in the 80s.

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Morrison’s tune “Have i Told girlfriend Lately” to be released on June 5, 1989, as a single from his nineteenth album, Avalon Sunset. This album was produced under Mercury Records. Thus, it is just one of Morrison’s many successful album released. Upon its release, it becomes the fastest-selling album in the joined States and became certified gold.

Taking benefit of the song’s popularity, that was likewise recorded through music artists including Rod Stewart, Kenny Rogers, Barbara Mandrell, Michael Ball, Della Reese, Engelbert Humperdinck, and also Andy Williams.

Rod Stewart’s Version

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Rod Stewart tape-recorded the song “Have i Told friend Lately.” It to be released on march 1993 as a single from his album, Vagabond Heart. He also made a live version of the song and also was contained in his album, Unplugged and Seated. Thus, it ended up being a number 5 hit single in the US and also UK.

Stewart’s version of the tune ranked number 4 on the us Billboard Mainstream height 40 chart and also ranked number 1 ~ above the united state Billboard Adult modern-day chart. It additionally became certified gold by the RIAA. The song has sold end 70,000 duplicates in the US.

About the Song

Have ns told you recently that i love you? Have ns told girlfriend there’s nobody else over you? Fill mine heart through gladness, take it away all my sadness Ease my troubles, that’s what girlfriend do

“Have i Told you Lately” is a romantic ballad song often played at weddings or debuts. However, that was originally written as a prayer.

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The words i love friend are regularly told come someone we really love even if it is it be our families, friends, or distinct someone. I bet that is much more wonderful to hear those words having actually told through your distinct someone. Execute you agree? yet do friend still agree through me if i tell you the it is sweeter come hear those words when a human is additionally proving the he/she really loves you?

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