This is the opening song to 1969’s song from a Room. It’s a type of Cohen’s own “My Way.” nation musician Kris Kristofferson has stated he desires the very first three currently on his… check out More 

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Like a bird on the wireLike a drunk in a midnight choirI have tried in my method to it is in freeLike a worm top top a hookLike a knight from part old fashioned bookI have saved every my ribbons because that theeIf I, if I have actually been unkindI hope the you have the right to just let it walk byIf I, if I have been untrueI hope you recognize it was never to youLike a baby, stillbornLike a beast through his hornI have actually torn everyone who reached out for meBut i swear through this songAnd by all that I have actually done wrongI will make that all approximately theeI experienced a beggar leaning on his wood crutchHe stated to me, "You have to not ask because that so much."And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened doorShe cried to me, "Hey, why not ask because that more?"Oh prefer a bird top top the wireLike a drunk in a midnight choirI have tried in my method to be free
This is the opening song to 1969’s Songs indigenous a Room. It’s a kind of Cohen’s very own “My Way.” country musician Kris Kristofferson has proclaimed he desires the very first three lines on his gravestone once it’s his time. Cohen claimed he’d it is in insulted if Kristofferson didn’t.

On the 2009 biggest Hits compilation textbook, Leonard wrote:

I constantly begin my concert through this song. It appears to return me to mine duties. That was started in Greece and finished in a motel in Hollywood approximately 1969 along with everything else. Part lines were adjusted in Oregon. I can’t seem to obtain it perfect. Kris Kristofferson educated me the I had actually stolen part of the melody from an additional Nashville writer. He also said that he’s putting the first couple of currently on his tombstone, and I’ll it is in hurt if that doesn’t.


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