The writer of “Oh! Susanna” to be both the very first professional songwriter in America, and also the first to be exploited by music publishers

Stephen Foster was both America’s very first professional songwriter, and, together such, the first songwriter to be unfairly exploited through music publishers. That wrote countless of the most well known American songs from the era, such as “Oh! Susanna,” “Old Kentucky Home,” “Jeanie through the light Brown Hair” and “Old Folks at Home,” song which have actually resonated v the generations. The significance of Americana, the song of Stephen Foster are as basic and timeless a component of the American identity as The Gettysburg address and Huckleberry Finn; song so ingrained into our collective consciousness that numerous are taken into consideration folk songs, as if they to be born v the earth, and also not the production of an yes, really songwriter.

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Born ~ above the 4th of July in 1826, more than 3 decades before the civil War, he to be a experienced songwriter before there was any music organization in America. That course, there was no radio or record market yet, both of i beg your pardon compelled the development of the music business as we know it in America. Sound record wasn’t also invented until much more than a decade past Foster’s death, and also radio didn’t arrive for 66 years after that. There was no contemporary music publishing business, and no establishments to collection performance royalties. Because of this, the only method Foster might earn money by writing songs to be via sales of execution of his own sheet music come a publisher, for which that would get scant royalties.Either the or by merely selling a tune outright because that a small fee, thus forever relinquishing every one of its rights. Had Foster operated within the modern-day system, that would have actually made many millions. Instead, he passed away at the age of 37 with only 38 cent in his pocket.The life that Stephen Foster belongs come the ages now, and, together such, the facts tend to transition depending on their source. It’s true he to be born ~ above the fourth of July and also in 1826. Previous that, much of what is known seems to it is in the district of myth and also fanciful storytelling. The truth of these stories seems to waver considerably, as result of the source. Through time and much more complete approaches of verifying the historic facts, it’s become obvious that countless of the so-called facts around him to be distortions. For example, it’s regularly assumed he was a Southerner, since he created so poignantly about the Swanee River and also an old Kentucky home. In fact, he was born and also raised in Philadelphia, in Lawrenceville, i beg your pardon is just exterior of Pittsburgh. The typical portrayal the Foster as uneducated is likewise untrue. Because he thrived up prior to the advent of public education,it is often declared that he was not schooled. The is true that did not attend public college ever because the publicly school system in America had yet to it is in established. But he was indeed schooled: that not only attended exclusive school, the was likewise privately tutored. The has also been long proclaimed that he was musically gifted, yet untrained as a musician and incapable of reading music, or reading anything at all. Again, this was false. The was not illiterate. He might read. Nor was he musically uneducated. From an early age he take it music lessons, and also could read music, as well as write and also arrange music, due to the fact that he to be a child.

Foster’s father to be a politician and businessman who hapless real estate speculations led the household to the brink of financial ruin. But unlike the prevalent portrayal that him together an impoverished Dickensian waif, his childhood seemed to be a mostly happy one.

As a teenager he joined a club in addition to his brothers Morrison and also his great friend Charles Shiras called the Knights of the S.T., i m sorry would accomplish periodically in ~ the Foster home. The only available music, that course, was that which human being made themselves, and the boys offered to sing famous tunes of the work together, v Stephen constantly in the lead. It’s then he began writing songs. His first were written for the group, and also it’s commonly thought that “Oh! Susanna” was amongst the very first that the wrote.

At 18 his very first song was published—which literally supposed “published” in those days—as paper music. The was referred to as “Open her Lattice Love.”

He saw college, yet dropped the end after a week. He hope to make a life from songwriting, however it was impossible. Royalties produced from the sales of paper music climate were nowhere enough to live on. So at the age of 20 he moved to Cincinnati to obtain a actual job, and also accepted his brother Dunning’s sell to occupational as a bookkeeper for his steamer firm. He never stopped creating songs, however, and maintained his vision of one day making his living from songwriting alone. He succeeded in marketing some the the brand-new songs and also instrumental piano piece to a neighborhood publisher in Cincinnati, among which to be “Oh! Susanna.”

He figured that the best method to disclose his song to the largest possible audience to be to obtain them into the minstrel mirrors circulating with the country. Rather of handing out taped demos as would a contemporary songwriter, he’d pass out sheet music the his songs to various minstrel shows as lock passed v town. The initial Christy Minstrels, one of the most famous groups, adopted “Oh! Susanna” as their theme song in 1848. The soon came to be a hit song throughout the nation, also in those job long prior to radio.

But quite than knife Foster much income, the track was basically bootlegged by many different music publishers, who sold the sheet music to the public and cashed in ~ above its popularity there is no compensating the songwriter in ~ all. This is the heritage on which the music market was founded.

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Foster’s publishers earned 10s of countless dollars top top the song, while that earned just a single payment the $100 indigenous a Cincinnati posting firm. In this way, that is forever remembered together being both America’s first professional songwriter, and also the first to it is in cheated by unscrupulous businessmen.