In this melancholy track the narrator regrets separating up v her lover who has actually departed to somewhere wishing she deserve to follow them for this reason they can reconcile your relationship.

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Despite no charting in the American pop charts, the tune has end up being a classic covered by plenty of artists consisting of the girl team Cover Girls that scored a #9 pop hit (#38 in the UK) through a dance version through it in 1992. That was also covered through Beyoncé because that an advertising campaign promoting Tommy Hilfiger"s brand-new perfume, True Star. Her variation was also nominated for a Grammy for finest Female R&B Vocal power in 2006.
Other charting version include early on British rave act Fresh 4 featuring Lizz E, which got to #10 in 1989 and Paul Weller"s 2004 UK #11 hit. In 1997 it also featured together a sample in the Jay-Z featuring Gwen Dickey #13 UK fight of the very same name.
A charity version taped by the 2011 X factor contestants plus former participants One Direction and also JLS topped the UK singles in December 2011. All profits went come the with each other For quick Lives charity, which supports the estimated 23,500 children and young people who room not meant to with adulthood.

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John native Nashville, TnJr. Walker taped an instrumental version of this tune for his only Whitfield records album earlier STREET BOOGIE (1979). This Norman Whitfield manufacturing received a Grammy nomination for finest R&B important Performance.see an ext comments
Rock and Roll every NiteKiss

Paul Stanley and also Gene Simmons of Kiss composed "Rock and Roll every Nite" as a "rallying cry for every one of our fans." In later on years, members of Kiss wrote songs separately.

Writing"s on The WallSam smith

Sam Smith"s "Writing"s top top The Wall" was the very first ever James bond theme tune to with #1 in the UK.

entirety Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin

"Whole Lotta Love" to be Led Zeppelin"s just US height 10 hit, charting at #4. Countless of your songs, consisting of "Stairway to Heaven," were not released together singles, together it was considered bad kind in England come make human being pay for singles that were top top albums.

Piano ManBilly Joel

Billy Joel is surprised that "Piano Man" is for this reason successful. He called it "an old, lengthy song around a guy at a boring piano bar."

Walk like a ManThe 4 Seasons

The 4 Seasons" "Walk choose a Man" was the very first Hot 100 #1 fight to function a simile in its title.

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RespectAretha Franklin

Props come Aretha Franklin: her song "Respect" presented the ax "propers" together a authorize of ideal respect.

Who"s Johnny, and also Why walk He show Up In So numerous SongsSong composing

For songwriters, Johnny represents the American man. He has been angry, cool, magic, a rebel and, of course, marching home.

Martyn Ware of heaven 17Songwriter Interviews

Martyn talks around producing Tina Turner, part Heaven 17 hits, and also his occupational with the British electrical Foundation.

bass Player Scott EdwardsSong composing

Scott was Stevie Wonder"s base player before becoming a top session player. Hits he played on encompass "I will Survive," "Being with You" and "Sara Smile."

Marvin GayeFact or Fiction

Did Marvin shot out through the Detroit Lions? Did he fake crazy to gain out of armed forces service? and also what about the cross-dressing?

Matt SorumSongwriter Interviews

When the joined firearms N" Roses in 1990, Matt helped them handmade an orchestral sound; his mezzo fortes and pianissimos are all over "November Rain."

Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The guy who developed Yacht Rock v "Sailing" wrote one of his best hits when on acid.