Showtime collection starring william H. Macy functions music by The High Strung, whose singer works at The Berkley Front.

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Leslie Ellis, Staff


Whether he"s cavorting in the Caribbean Sea at Guantanamo just or manning the door at , creative thinking is never far from mockery Malerman"s thoughts.

Malerman is a member the the metro Detroit band The High Strung, whose song "The Luck you Got" serves together the template for the brand-new Showtime collection Shameless, starring wilhelm H. Macy.

"The song seems like it"s around a very small thing: despite the wildly of life, be happy about the good things that squeeze through," Malerman said. "With a drunk dad and the kids running the house, it renders sense. (The song"s) absent "n" roll, but it"s still bright and optimistic, i m sorry is favor the main character (played by Macy)."

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Let's go!

Executives at Showtime agreed.

"Ann Kline, our music supervisor, lugged us the song and we felt that not just embodies the show but additionally was a wonderful piece of music to gain viewers in the mood for the weird antics of the Gallagher clan," Shameless executive, management producer Andrew Stearn said.

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Let's go!

Having its song picked increase by Showtime is just the recent stroke of great luck because that The High Strung, which has been featured ~ above NPR"s This American Life and recently played a pair of reflects at the U.S. Naval terminal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"That was the craziest main of mine life," said Malerman, who explained the band arrived at the base on a Sunday and had come wait till the following Saturday because that the next trip out. "There to be awesome, mammoth backdrops. The jail was up there on a cliff while we"re swim in the ocean."

The High Strung played for armed forces members, your spouses and kids, that said, and was join at reflects by a military cover band.

The group – which is composed of Clawson resident Malerman top top vocals, Derek Berk the Southfield top top drums, Chad Stocker of Detroit on bass and also Stephen Palmer that Oak Park on guitar – plan to start recording a brand-new album in in march in Detroit. The band will be working through Jim Diamond, who developed its very first three albums, along with "The Luck girlfriend Got."

"I sort of want the album to be like, "Here"s her ambitions, here"s your ideals." space they feasible or not?" Malerman said. "I started writing this before this slew of an excellent things began happening for us, so maybe it was really well timed."

In the meanwhile, the songwriter spends Friday and also Saturday nights functioning the door in ~ The Berkley Front, a to meet the band has actually played in the past.

"As someone who"s played probably 2,000 bars across the country, The Berkley Front"s most likely one that the best ones," claimed Malerman, who included he thinks about book ideas during his downtime in ~ work.

"One the my books is gift shopped roughly right now ... And the Showtime thing ... It"s simply making me feel choose there are possibilities," that said.

With the band"s upcoming album titled ?Posible O" Imposible?, possibly the universe is answering that he"s right.

The band"s upcoming shows include Thursday at PJ"s Lager home in Detroit, Feb. 3 at The love Touch in Ferndale and Feb. 12 at The Berkley Front.

'Shameless' TV present Taps regional Band's track For Theme

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