Jim Ed Brown | photograph credit: opry.comEvery celebrated artist in the music industry has their breakthrough hit. For nation legend and Grand Ole Opry member, Jim Ed Brown, it’s the song “Pop a Top” that make his entry to nation music v a bang. His unique talent stood out with this beer-drinking song. Prior to this, Brown had uncovered success performing with her sister in The Browns. But, he to be at his best when that went top top singing as a solo artist. His variation of the song has actually opened for him the gates to better opportunities. And while he scored many an ext hits v the 1970s and also 1980s, “Pop a Top” remained together Brown’s signature song.

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The track was recorded as the 3rd and final single from Brown’s 1967 album, Just Jim. It got to No. 3 ~ above Billboard Hot nation Songs chart providing Brown his first major hit. This beer-drinking anthem the Brown displayed his gift a true nation star. The tune attributes a “pop-top” sound which deserve to be heard throughout the song. Such a sound was without doubt attention-grabbing and also displays uniqueness.

About the Song

The song was conceived in 1966 by Nat Stuckey. After writing the tune, Stuckey go on recording it. A year later, that skyrocketed come success through Brown’s cover. This fun and also memorable track portrays a plaintive bar patron that favored to soak increase his grief in beer than obtaining home and also just psychic his heartbreak. What makes the tune fun was the “pop-top” sound that a metal have the right to that’s being opened. That was a new element and a significant factor ever created and used in a song.

In 1999, Alan Jackson has restored the song and exposed it to a whole brand-new generation of country fans. The lead-off solitary from his album, Under the Influence, “Pop a Top,” peaked at No. 6 top top the Hot country Songs chart. In Canada, the song is even an ext popular almost hitting the top of the Canadian RPM country Tracks chart. It rest on the chart’s second spot.

Watch Alan Jackson’s version of the tune below.

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