Well, in ~ the past year, we visited “The Lumberyard Bar”, in Warren MI, for karaoke. The host “Rich”, was excellent. Surprisingly he looked in ~ my written "might do” tune list, and also he saw this tune on it. That made me song it, though "Lola” and other ‘cool cats” had just walked in.

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When ns finished to sing it, a guy at the bar said: “Didn’t Ricky Nelson song that song?” I claimed “No, but I’ll take that as a complement!’.

Well, wealthy is no longer at the stagnating Lumberyard (the location with the good singing stage!)

Last week, for fun, I twin checked on girlfriend Tube, to make certain that Ricky Nelson never sang rhythm of the Rain. The plot thickens. Is over there a conspiracy??

You Tube:

Ed Kerns 1 week earlier It"s definitely Rick--

StvMcQueen 1 main ago. No it"s not, Ed. It"s the Cascades, not Ricky. Trust me. Ns dated the neice of the man who created the song and also we debated this. To trust me. You"re wrong.

Conrad Hawes I witnessed RICKY song THIS song ON THE NELSONS SHOW. That IS an extremely HARD come TELL THE yes, really SINGERS, ns LOVE THIS song NO issue WHO SANG IT.

DucksDeLucks i agree it definitely does sound favor Ricky Nelson,I would bet ~ above it.

Ed Clark 11 month ago:Ricky DID song it top top "Ozzie & Harriet" show, however THIS is no IT.

Jerry Brownell 2 months earlier This is both. The is the original music by the Cascades but Ricky"s voice has actually been referred to as over Cascades lead singer man Gummoe. Inspect out the original and also see if i am right.

Lucy Carriker 1 month earlier This is rather interesting. Top top the fm website, it states that the singer the the Cascades stated that Ricky Nelson did document the song. The album lock list, though, is the very first one the Ricky Nelson recorded, ago in 1957. However this track was no released by the Cascades until about 1963.

chrisiden 3 months agoRhythm that the fall Rain is sung through both Ricky in 1963 and also the Cascades... Do your research....

tv andmusicfan 4 main agoThis is 100% the version by The Cascades. The track was also written by The Cascades command singer man Gummoe.

Skip Coughlan 3 months agoNo controversy........ That"s not John Gummoe, command singer because that the Cascades. It"s Ricky!!

The main Cascades website version: Gummoe remained in the marine in the beforehand 60’s, and met his band comrades there. He was on the U.S.S Jason, together he written this song. In the summer that 1962, castle did part recording in ~ the legendary Gold Star Studios, in Los Angeles. Sooner or later they recorded Rhythm the the Rain, when Phil Spector taken place to it is in standing around and also listening – and complemented lock too. Man Gummoe to be on command vocals.

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(Do you know what Spector request them??) “Are you recording a demo because that RICKY NELSON?”.