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Berlinda Tolbert is alive and well, however she isn't very active in the acting community. Before The Jeffersons, Tolbert had actually guest starring roles on popular television shows of the day favor Sanford and Son, That's my Mama, Mannix, and Fantasy Island.

After The Jeffersons ended, she continued her guest starring insignificant on shows favor Amen, Jake and the Fatman, 7th Heaven, ER, and 6 Feet Under. She likewise had functions in the films Goodfellas (1990) alongside Samuel Jackson and also Harlem Nights (1989) with Eddie Murphy.

Berlinda Tolbert's critical film project to day was a function on a powerfully dramatic quick story called Just one more Man's Wife in 2013. At the time of this writing, she is 68 years old. She still looks great!


Michael Jonas Evans was an unknown actor at the time he was actors on The Jeffersons. Iconic TV producer Norman Lear at first wanted famed black gibbs Cleavon small to pat the role, however the director want to go through an actor who wouldn't steal so much of the spotlight native the two veteran lead actors. The character of Lionel to be a supporting role, and also Cleavon little was currently a bona fide Hollywood star.

A little known fact around Mike Evans is that he was one of the writers and also creators of an excellent Times. In fact, the character Michael Evans, played by gibbs Ralph Carter, is loose based off of Mike Evans' actual life. You can clearly see that he and also the personality share the very same name.

After The Jeffersons left the air, Evans retirement from acting and also he pursued a career as a real estate investor. He shed his wife Helena come cancer after much more than two years of marital relationship in 2002.

On December 14, 2006, Mike Evans lost his own battle to cancer as well. The actor left behind two daughters and also legions the fans that will constantly remember him as "The initial & finest Lionel."


Damon Evans is the actor that temporarily changed Mike Evans in the duty of Lionel Jefferson. Just around everyone who watched the display will phone call you that there was a dark period on the display when the original Lionel was changed with a 2nd Lionel.

Much choose the second Darren and original Darren native Betwitched, no one favored this readjust of actors. It's a shame, since I'm certain Damon Evans to be a pretty guy. It's just that viewers were offered to and also loved Mike Evans together Lionel Jefferson, and we never even tried to prefer Damon Evans.It's worth stating that, simply like second Darren and original Darren indigenous Bewitched, both to adjust of Lionel Jefferson actors mutual a usual name (Dick York and Dick Sargent indigenous Bewitched and also Michael Evans and also Damon Evans from The Jeffersons— see, you believed I was crazy, didn't you?) However, Mike and Damon were not related, and also altough ns haven't researched it yet, I'm pretty certain Dick and Dick weren't associated either.

So, here's what happened. Original Lionel, Mike Evans, made decision to leave the present after the 2nd season. Damon Evans took over the role and he remained for two years in periods three and also four—this to be the dark period. Thankfully, Mike Evans made decision to return midway throughout season four, so every was fine again.

As because that Damon Evans, he was well-known mostly come the theatre crowd, wherein he had actually roles in the Broadway musicals Don't bother Me, i Can't deal with and Jesus Christ Superstar. He likewise played a young Alex Haley in the alphabet TV miniseries Roots: The next Generations.

After Damon left The Jeffersons in 1978, that went ~ above to show up in the 1985 movie Turk 182. He also had a couple of guest starring roles in tv series. Damon Evans is very sewing alive and also well at the time of this writing, however outside of a point out on Living in TV Land as himself, he has actually been lacking from the acting scene for the critical 18 years.


Bonus Feature: catching up v Ebonie smith (Jessica Jefferson) from The Jeffersons

Ebonie blacksmith is the previous child actress who provided life come the character Jessica Jefferson ~ above The Jeffersons. Jessica to be the boy of Lionel Jefferson and Jenny Willis Jefferson.

Ebonie was only about eight year old once she showed up on the show, and she was there because that the critical year. Most of united state remember her since she was as cute together she could be, yet she yes, really didn't have actually much of a function to dive into.

After the show ended, she go on come guest star in an exceptional amount of reflects like Webster, Gimme a Break!, household Matters, and life Single. She also had a recurring function as Danny Glovers' character's daughter, Carrie Murtaugh, in the Lethal Weapon franchise v Glover and also Mel Gibson.

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Indeed, Ebonie smith is alive and also well. Return she doesn't really act any type of longer, i did discover her through her YouTube channel. She is a NYC-based studio producer and also a champion the LGBT rights. Go Ebonie!


Alisa Fuller ~ above October 20, 2019:

Wow I know the first Lionel happen away remainder In peace Mike, and also I constantly thought the the first and the 2nd Lionel wasn’t related and also did y’all know that the second Lionel is native Baltimore that is for this reason cool, and you recognize mike Evans and Ralph Carter did the an excellent times display were producers of the present so awesome.