Central America Agriculture
Agriculture is generally interpreted to be came to with the manufacturing of food; however, in main America, ornamental plants and flowers, forest products, and fibers are additionally important farming commodities.The countries of main America space generally thought about to it is in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. In ~ the finish of the twentieth century, the agricultural sector employed around 46 percent that the accessible labor pressure in central America, many of i beg your pardon was involved in subsistence agriculture. This portion is higher than that of the neighboring arising countries of Mexico (28 percent) and also Colombia (30 percent). The main American percent is greater than those in an ext developed countries, such together the unified States and Canada, each of i beg your pardon is below 4 percent. The portion of suitable land in main America is around equal to that in Mexico (12 percent) but significantly much more than in Colombia (4 percent). Arable land in the United states is about 19 percent.

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Traditional crops, coffe
Since the nineteenth century, particular crops have been increased in main America together export crops and also others principally for residential consumption. Many of the classic crops grown space not indigenous to the region.Many the the most widely grown plants are termed exotics, that is, plants not aboriginal to the an ar that were introduced by european settlers. Bananas, coffee, and also sugarcane are three principal exotic crops, with corn being a fourth. Most of the manufacturing of introduced plants is grown because that export, although aboriginal corn is for regional use.Bananas space grown generally in the Caribbean and also Pacific lowlands yet most prominently in the Sula sink of Honduras, a leading people exporter of this crop. The banana industry flourished under the manage of north American growers, especially the unified Fruit Company. In the later part of the nineteenth century, the banana export business grew and also enjoyed huge markets in the joined States and Europe. The unified Fruit company also exerted strong influence over governmental plans in the region.Coffee is grown extensively in the highland areas of every seven main American countries. A slow-ripening crop, coffee requires as lot as two months come harvest. Small-scale growers who market their product with cooperatives develop much the the area’s coffee. The best-quality coffee is shadegrown, and so banana trees regularly are planted throughout the tiny fields.Sugarcane, very first introduced by Christopher Columbus come the island the Cuba, is an additional plant grown throughout a vast area. Sugarcane is labor intensive during harvest however requires small attention at various other times. The harvest the sugarcane starts with the burning of the fields.
Harvested sugarcane
This exercise reduces the volume of foliage and leaves only the stalks, or canes, which room the source of sugar. After the burning—which has the side advantage of chasing the end the snakes that inhabit the cane fields—teams that workers with machetes march v the areas cutting the cane.Corn (maize) is no grown for export. Along with regionally get an impression rice, that is for residential consumption. Corn enjoy the meal is provided in the preparation of tortillas, i beg your pardon are consumed at virtually every meal. Rice is typically served with red or black color beans.Export plants have differed in their economic value come the region. A banana an illness nearly damaged the sector in the 1930’s. The good Depression in those very same years sharply diminished exports to north America. Import quotas applied by the United states on sugar and also the U.S. Trade embargo on all Cuban assets imposed in the early on 1960’s listed both a low and also a high for main American sugar producers. Overproduction the coffee by south American producers has led to depression prices numerous times. During the so late 1990’s, the european Union’s agricultural import exercise of favoring former colonies reduced the value of bananas to growers. In main America, only Belize (formerly brother Honduras) services from european tariff regulations.Nontraditional Crops
Nontraditional crops, pineapples
Vegetables, high-value crops, and also ornamental plants and flowers room being grown in ~ an boosted rate. The leading plants are broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, melons, strawberries, and also pineapples. Palm oil from a nonnative tree is an additional high worth farm product. Nontraditional plants are labor intensive and influence the environment due to the fact that of the hefty requirements for chemical pesticides.

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Workers challenge health threats due to this chemical applications, but employment is high. In Costa Rica, the government motivates investment in reforestation using teak indigenous Southeast Asia.