At the an initial Pan african Conference a permanent organization was formed and the complying with officers were elected to offer for 2 years: Bishop A. Walters, new Jersey, President; Rev. Henry B. Brown, London, Vice-President; Prof. W. E. B. DuBois, Georgia, Vice-President for America. Mr. H. Sylvester Williams, basic Secretary; T. J. Calloway, Secretary because that America; Dr. R. J. Colenzo, Treasurer.

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Executive Committee: S. Coleridge Taylor, john R. Archer, J. F. Loudin, Henry T. Downing, Mrs. J. Cobden Unwin, miss out on Annie J. Cooper.


The Conference

When the very first Pan-African Conference opened on Monday, 23 July 1900, in London’s Westminster Hall, Bishop Alexander Walters in his opening address, “The Trials and Tribulations of the Coloured gyeongju in America”, listed that “for the an initial time in history black world had gathered indigenous all parts of the world to discuss and improve the problem of your race, to assert your rights and organize so the they might take an equal place among nations.” The Bishop that London, Mandell Creighton, gave a speech of welcome “referring come ‘the benefits of self-government’ i beg your pardon Britain should confer ~ above ‘other gyeongju … as quickly as possible’.”

Speakers end the 3 days addressed a range of aspects of racial discrimination. Among the papers ceded were: “Conditions Favouring a High typical of afri Humanity” (C. W. French the St. Kitts), “The preservation of racial Equality” (Anna H. Jones, from Kansas), “The necessary Concord to it is in Established in between Native Races and also European Colonists” (Benito Sylvain, Haitian aide-de-camp to the Ethiopian emperor), “The Negro trouble in America” (Anna J. Cooper, native Washington), “The progress of our People” (John E. Quinlan of St. Lucia) and also “Africa, the Sphinx the History, in the irradiate of Unsolved Problems” (D. E. Tobias from the USA).

Other topics had Richard Phipps’ complain of discrimination against black people in the Trinidadian civil service and an assault by william Meyer, a clinical student at Edinburgh University, top top pseudo-scientific racism. Discussions adhered to the presentation of the papers, and also on the last day George James Christian, a law student native Dominica, led a conversation on the subject “Organized Plunder and also Human Progress have Made Our race Their Battlefield”, saying the in the previous “Africans had been walk away from your land, and also in south Africa and also Rhodesia slavery was being restored in the type of forced labour.”

The conference culminated in the counter of the african Association (formed through Sylvester Williams in 1897) right into the Pan-African Association, and the implementation the a unanimously embraced “Address come the countries of the World”, sent to miscellaneous heads that state where civilization of african descent were living and also suffering oppression. The attend to implored the unified States and the royal European countries to “acknowledge and also protect the legal rights of world of afri descent” and also to respect the integrity and independence of “the cost-free Negro claims of Abyssinia, Liberia, Haiti, etc.”

Signed by Walters (President that the Pan-African Association), the Canadian Rev. Henry B. Brown (Vice-President), Williams (General Secretary) and also Du Bois (Chairman the the Committee on the Address), the paper contained the phrase “The trouble of the twenty Century is the trouble of the colour-line“, i m sorry Du Bois would use three years later on in the “Forethought” of his book The Souls of black color Folk.

In September, the delegates petitioned Queen Victoria v the British federal government to look into the therapy of afri in southern Africa and Rhodesia, consisting of specified acts of injustice perpetrated by whites there, namely:

The so-called indenture, i.e., legalized bondage of african men and also women and children come white colonists.The mechanism of compulsory labour in public works.The “pass” or docket system used for human being of colour.Local by-laws tending come segregate and also degrade afri such together the curfew; the denial to africans of the usage of footpaths; and also the use of separate public conveyances.Difficulties in getting real property.Difficulties in obtaining the franchise.

The response eventually received by Sylvester-Williams on 17 January 1901 stated:

Sir. Ns am command by mr Secretary Chamberlain come state that he has received the Queen’s commands to inform you the the Memorial of the Pan-African Conference requesting the case of the native races in southern Africa, has been laid prior to Her Majesty, and also that she to be graciously pleased come command him come return response to the on behalf of she government.

2. Mr. Chamberlain as necessary desires to assure the members of the Pan-African Conference that, it settling the lines on i beg your pardon the management of the overcame territories is to be conducted, she Majesty’s government will no overlook the interests and also welfare that the indigenous races.

Days later, Victoria responded an ext personally, instructing her personal secretary, Arthur Bigge, come write, which that did top top 21 January – the day prior to the Queen died. Although the specific injustices in south Africa ongoing for some time, the conference lugged them come the fist of the world

African American Feminism was born at this conference by executive Committee member Anna J. Cooper.

Miss Cooper wrote, A Voice native the South, what many think about one the the initial texts foretelling the black color feminist movement, this arsenal of essays, an initial published in 1892.

Pages 24 and 25 the the 2016 United states passport save the following quotation: “The cause of freedom is not the reason of a race or a sect, a party or a class – that is the reason of humankind, the an extremely birthright that humanity.

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” – Anna Julia Cooper

She was existing at the very first Pan-African Conference in London in 1900, chosen a executive Committee Member and also delivered a file entitled “The Negro problem in America”,

A nation’s greatness is no dependent ~ above the things it make and uses. Things without thots < sic> are mere vulgarities. America deserve to boast she expanse of territory , her gilded domes, her paving stones of silver- dollars; however the concern of deepest moment in this country today is that men and its females , the elevation at which that receives that is “vision into the firmament the eternal truth.