According to many, note Calaway aka The Undertaker is a really polite person external the ring. Calaway is currently married to former WWE star Michelle McCool.

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The Undertaker is arguably one of the best wrestlers come ever get in the WWE ring. Throughout his pro-wrestling career, The Phenom was presented together a dark, mysterious number who would certainly send chills under the spines the the fans. That made his WWE debut at Survivor series 1990 and after 30 years, that bid farewell to the entertaining sports in the freshly concluded Survivor series 2020 PPV.

At the PPV, The Undertaker - actual name mark Calaway – yielded a heartfelt speech, claiming the it’s time because that him come “let The Undertaker rest in peace”. Earlier, while announcing his retirement ~ above the last episode of his ‘Undertaker: The critical Ride’ documentary series, The Dead Man added that he’s ready to “ride off right into the sunset”. He declared that he’s happy v his critical fight versus AJ Styles and also wants come spend much more time v his wife and also kids.

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When go Undertaker get married Michelle McCool?

According to many, mark Calaway is a very polite person outside the ring and also is currently married to former WWE superstar Michelle McCool. The two have a daughter named confidence Calaway, that was born in 2012. Except Faith, Undertaker has actually three more kids from his 2 ex-wives. His firstborn, Vincent Calaway came right into the people in 1993 when the former WWE Champion was married come his an initial wife Jodi Lynn.

After separating up v Jodi Lynn, Calaway married Sara candid in 2000. They had two daughters together, Chasey and Gracie Calaway, before divorcing in 2007. He then met Michelle McCool and the two began dating soon after. They obtained married on June 26, 2010, in Houston, Texas and also have to be living happily ever since.

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Undertaker network worth: Calaway made roughly $17 million in 2020

Despite do a grasp of appearances this year, the 55-year-old made approximately $17 million, follow to Sportytell. As per reports, though he featured in just one rivalry in his retirement year – against AJ formats for WrestleMania 36 – Undertaker make a lot from his documentary series which streamed top top the WWE Network in May. Except that, The Dead Man additionally received a good purse from assorted endorsements, events and other sources.

The Undertaker network worth 2020: $17 million (Sportytell figures)The Undertaker network worth 2019: $17 million (Wealthy Gorilla figures)The Undertaker network worth 2018: $2.5 million (Forbes figures)

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