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It’s quite apparent there’s a pattern v tall males and singing nation music, but is this theory plausible v female country singers?. On median females room 5 inches much shorter than males therefore a female nation singer that is 5’8″ or much more is considered to it is in tall.

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As discussed above, Hillary from Lady Antebellum stand 5’9″ tall, but is there any kind of other lady nation singers that room as tall or taller?.

Terri Clark 5’10.5″ Tall

Teri Clark is a tall female country singer native Canada yet has had actually success in the us as well. A career the spans over two decades this 5”10.5″ tall singer has actually recently released a brand-new album “Raising The Bar”. Perhaps this is a reference to the absence of high female nation singers?.

Notable Mentions

Lowering the elevation bar slightly, there are a couple big name female nation singers measure 5’9″ in elevation which is the average height for one American Male. But still however to be together tall ~ above the same height playing ar as the masculine counterparts.

In an issue of civilization Magazine ago in 2011 belief Hill said “I’m 5’9” when referring to her shorter best friend. I beg your pardon puts she on a level playing ar as she Husband Tim McGraw. The 2 released a song together “It’s your Love” earlier in 1997. Over two decades later and It’s your love is still one of the best country duets ever.

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Trisha Yearwood is one more female nation singer exceeding the median height. There’s blended reports that Trisha Yearwood is 5’8″ or 5’9″. Trisha has a career that spans numerous years and also many records. Most human being will acknowledge her together the voice the the large hit “Con Air” featuring Nicolas Cage. Married to among the best names in country music Garth Brooks, the 2 released a smash struggle duet dubbed “In Another’s Eyes”.