Can anyone make a list of all of the UT characters, or just the main characters, starting from the weakest of all monsters to the absolute strongest being in the entire game? 

I am sorry if this is too much to ask but would anyone kindly help? thx


Brainifyer wrote:From strongest to weakest:1. Chara(destroys all of reality in one hit, remakes it again)

2. Asriel god of hyperdeath(7 souls, unkillable, partially controls the players actions)

3. Photoshop Flowey(6 souls, defies Undetale game style, crashes game, SAVE and reset master)

4. Sans(sans)

5.Flowey(he"s actually really strong, 19 atk, 6000 hp, an unavoidable attack, SAVE and reset)

6. Undyne the Undying(I can list her, right?)

7.Papyrus(much stronger than he acts, just too innocent)


9.Toriel(imagine her fight without the deliberate-avoid attacks)

10. Normal Undyne

11. Mettatton(EX, normal is invincible)

Frisk can go almost anywhere here depending on the players skill. Alphys cannot fight....I think. As a lost soul she uses Mettatons" attacks so..... maybe?

boy , toriel mettaton and asgore are stronger than papyrus tho , papyrus is just protected by sans. 

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Asriel in his god of hyperdeath is without a doubt the strongest character because he has the equivalent of 7 souls and thus is basically a god. Having the 7 souls he can also destroy the world AND destroy the barrier , he can also manipulate reality and change his form at his will. All Chara can do is to destroy the world and recreate it and so only because of their ability to destroy Frisk"s save file (which is why you CAN"T get your save file when you when Chara destroy the world) and because of their reset ability.

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Let me just state my ranking.

The first two are givaways.

1. Annoying Dog.

2. Temmie.

Then it gets harder.

3. Chara, because they can destroy the world, and the result is permenant. Neither Frisk nor the player can reverse or bypass that.

4. Frisk, because they have unlimited determination and can do anything. (Jevil quote here)

5. Asriel, because god of hyperdeath.

6. Omega Flowey, almost as poweful, and definetly more insane than Asriel, however, due to lacking 1 soul power, it is defeatable, but it still is godlike. If only the souls didn"t rebel...

7. Sans in genocide. Simply put, you"re going to have a bad time. Not very powerful in other routes, but nevertheless still. Also, he has access to Gaster Blasters. He also can see the space-time continum and maybe is a time travler.

8. Undyne the Undying. There are only few entites that can cheat death in We already named Chara, Frisk, Asriel, and Flowey (sort of), and Sans"s boss fight is harder than Undyne"s, which is why Undyne is in number 8, the only sensible place to be.

9. Mettaton NEO. Now you might be thinking, "he can be one shotted!" But Toby only cut Mettaton NEO"s boss fight because he wanted to make the player feel like they can do anything. If Mettaton NEO is not cut, chances are he"ll be harder than Undyne the Undying.

10. Asgore. He"s a king, is beefy, has cool fire magic, and has an OP trident that can destory the Mercy button. I feel like that he"s the only one, apart from Annoyingg Dog, Temmie, and Frisk that is powerful in ALL ROUTES. Asriel isn"t reincarnated in Neutral/Genocide, Omega Flowey dosen"t exist in Pacifist/Genocide, Sans is only powerful if you are really bad, Undyne dosen"t become Undyne the Undying in Pacifist, and Mettaton dosen"t use his NEO form in Pacifist/Neutral either. Sure, Asgore only FIGHTS you in Neutral, but he is equally powerful in all other routes, it"s just he never has to fight you. Also, on Genocide, you are way too powerful (which is why Frisk is 6 places in front of Asgore.)

Honourable mention #1: W.D. Gaster. He makes a 1-shot weapon and also built something capable of changing space-time. Also might have made the Determination extractor. Pretty powerful, right? Too bad he"s not in the game.

Honourable mention #2: Jevil. I know he"s in Dealtarune, but still.

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Honourable mention #3: "Regular" flowey. He can save and load, and also can kill everyone. He can completely surround your SOUL with pellets. However, he loses to Toriel from one hit, and also dosen"t really do anything mid-game.