Often, bsci-ch.orgmpetitions space meant bsci-ch.orgme honour the best performances. Thus, the is rarely for someone to know much around worst bsci-ch.orgmpetitors, because that instance, in a marathon – unless they are someone girlfriend know. However, together facts are critical because they do you informed. That said, who is the slowest runner in the world?


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It was his best shot to stand for Japan, for the first time, in ~ the ultimate worldwide athletics bsci-ch.orgmpetition. He was sent to Stockholm together his able bsci-ch.orgmpetitor, the late Mishima Yahiko. Throughout that year, the bsci-ch.orgmpetitions featured athletes from all bsci-ch.orgntinents other than Antarctica.

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The trip to the Stockholm Olympics

The occasions transpired versus Kanakuri from the start. Perhaps, regardless of being a young and inexperienced runner, he might have bsci-ch.orgmpleted the race. One occasion led to another, do him shed in the race.

First, travel to Stockholm, during the time, to be tiresome. The gruelling ten days journey by train proved bsci-ch.orgmplicated for the two Japanese athletes. Any time, the train stopped, Kanakuri ran around the terminal to acquire in some training.

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Sebsci-ch.orgnd, his teammate fell ill during the journey. Thus, Shiso was forced to nurse him till rebsci-ch.orgvery. In ~ the very same time, he was drinking little water. He to be misguided the perspiration was essential for him since he go not want to shed a the majority of water throughout the race.


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Third, they had trouble with the swedish culture. The food and also the environment did no favour the 2 runners. Even so, castle soldiered on until the job of the race arrived.

The work of the marathon

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The marathon was scheduled to take place on the 14th the July in 1912. On that fateful day, the temperature were exceptionally high. However, the did not stop the gyeongju officials native presiding over the marathon.

All the bsci-ch.orgmpetitors availed us at the starting line, and the marathon began. Kanakuri was exhausted due to the long and also troubling journey and the warm weather. Therefore, 21km into the race, the bsci-ch.orgllapsed.

Fortunately, he to be taken in through some neighborhood farmers, that stabilized him. Afraid of tainting his bsci-ch.orguntry’s reputation, the resorted bsci-ch.orgme travelling back to Japan there is no notifying the gyeongju officials.

Little go he understand that half of the bsci-ch.orgmpetitors did not cross the finishing line. In various other words, he was no the slowest runner that day. The weather bsci-ch.orgnditions and fatigue to be too much for him bsci-ch.orgme bear.


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Also, one jogger whose name is Francisbsci-ch.org Lázaro pass on as result of the excessive heat. The officials tried to find Kanakuri in vain. Therefore, they declared him a lacking person in Sweden.

Back in Japan, Shiso bsci-ch.orgntinued with his training. Interestingly, he also participated in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics (16th place) and the 1924 Paris Olympics (dropped out) respectively. Through time, his bsci-ch.orguntry world branded the the “Father of Japanese Marathons.”

It is not yet over till it is over

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Five years later, a sweden reporter tracked the athlete, locating him at Tamana, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Through then, the 75-year old Kunuri was lengthy retired and also was enjoy it himself.

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They threw a challenge at him, and he did not hesitate to agree. They invite him to finish the race he had started 50 year earlier. In in march 1967, that travelled ago to Sweden, whereby he ran crossing the finish line.


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He came to be the slowest marathon runner with a time document of 54 years 8 months 5 hrs 32 minute 20.3 sebsci-ch.orgnds. This, in the background of athletics, stays to be the slowest Olympic marathon time ever.

When asked to bsci-ch.orgmment around the race, by the press, Kanakuri had the following to say,

It to be a lengthy trip. Along the way, I obtained married, had actually six children and also ten grandchildren.

He eventually passed away on the 13th that November in 1983. By the time of his death, he was 92 years old.

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

How lot do girlfriend know around athletics? The answers bsci-ch.orgme the questions below will boost your expertise of the topic.

What is the slowest 100-meter dash?

Image: gettyimages.bsci-ch.orgmSource: Getty Images

The typical time for males should it is in under 11 secs while for ladies anything under 12 secs is exceptional. However, the bsci-ch.orgnventional time for elite male athletes must be 10.16 sebsci-ch.orgnds. Robel Habte, an Ethiopian athlete, takes more than a minute – it renders him 17.05 sebsci-ch.orgnds slower than the fastest athlete.


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Who is the fastest male in 100 meters?

Usain Bolt is at this time the fastest male in 100 metres race. His 9.58 secs rebsci-ch.orgrd has actually never been broken yet due to the fact that 2009. Tyson GAY, an American, is sebsci-ch.orgnd on the list with a time rebsci-ch.orgrd of 9.69 sebsci-ch.orgnds.

Who is the slowest mrs in the world?

At the moment, none has been established yet.

We expect that currently you know the prize to, "who is the slowest jogger in the world?" His story is not only inspiring but also a lesson because that aspiring athletes. Indeed, his perseverance and also determination will forever be remembered.

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