Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis is beautiful, sassy, confident, and also ambitious. Her enthusiasm for house renovations is apparent in every the illustration of the HGTV TV series. She knows how to smile and also make she fans smile and also laugh together with her.

Unfortunately, her private life, especially her relationships, is no all that glamorous. When she an initial made a windy appearance ~ above TV virtually a decade ago, she was married to Steve Lane. A couple of years into the show, the pair parted ways.


Enter Shane Maguire.

The next male Nicole Curtis dropped in love with after she divorce through Steve is none other than her son Harper’s dad, Shane Maguire. In ~ first, things looked up. The reality TV star uncovered that she was pregnant shortly after meeting Maguire. Return she wasn’t very proud the the pregnancy (a story for one more day), she retained it and also gave bear to Harper in 2015.

Sadly, her partnership with Shane didn’t go as well far. In 2016, Maguire filed several activities in court against Curtis.

The divorce battle was nasty this time around. The totality thing dragged on for three long years. Gift a publicly figure, the battle was broadcast for all to see. The was among the many fierce, horrid, and facility court battles seen in U.S. Household courts.

What walk Shane Maguire execute for a living?

Shane Maguire’s partnership with Nicole Curtis might have been in the windy domain, but very small is known about other areas of Shane’s life. One of them is what the does because that a living.

Shane is a company partner of “The yellow Guys”. Together with co-owner Joe Beasy, he operation a chain of shop in Minnesota and also California the buys and sells gold items.

Thanks come the long custody battle, Shane Maguire has actually received a significant amount that money in legitimate fees. In 2016, the judge ordered Curtis to pay she ex-attorney fees and expenses incurred as soon as he to let go parenting time.

According come Detroit News, judge Langton sternly warned the beautiful mother of two to pay these expenses or face jail time. Again, we have actually no idea what the costs cost yet it’s same to i think it’s no tiny money.

Clearly, Shane’s financial institution account is happy. Because that one, dating and marrying a girl that Nicole’s caliber is no mean feat. Often, these types of women don’t quickly settle for damaged guys (except a few, that course).

His business must be doing rather well yet then again, it is pure speculation. Then there’s Harper’s trust fund handed to him by Nicole to buy a house near his son.

Custody fight

In November 2015, Shane Maguire search paternity, mutual custody, and time through his son Harper in court. The judge guaranteed his request and worked out that Curtis have the right to stay through Harper throughout the week and his dad ~ above weekends.

Additionally, the boy’s birth certificate was transformed to be affected by each other the “Maguire” name.

A pair of months later, Nicole checked out court to record a movement denying Harper indigenous overnight stays with his father until he turn two. Follow to her, Harper to be still breastfeeding and needed come be home with his mother during the night.

This was maybe the most humiliating court proceedings because that the HGTV fact star. At one point, she was required to administer proof the she couldn’t pump enough milk come sustain Harper in court. Your guess is right; this was much easier said than done.


First, she had actually to sit topless in front of a lactation specialist (a total stranger) who tried to pump milk from she breasts. The whole process was then documented and taken come court wherein it to be reviewed and discussed by even an ext strangers. If you don’t think that’s humiliating enough, us don’t understand what is.

Apart indigenous the breastfeeding subject, Shane likewise accused Curtis that moving homes to placed a vast distance between him and also his son. Maguire called the judge that Nicole left for California there is no letting him understand soon after he had relocated come Detroit come be close to his son.

A few more topics of contempt later, a custody covenant was come at. According to The Blast, both parents will share legal and also physical custody the the five-year-old. Come facilitate Maguire’s proximity to his son, Curtis has agreed to placed up a $250,000 trust fund for Harper.

Maguire have the right to use this to purchase a residence within 25 mile of Nicole’s Californian home. This way, he can live close to Harper. Of course, the dad of one will have to pay earlier the money by the time Harper transforms 19. Together for boy support, neither part is required to contribute.

This is not the first time Nicole is recorded in in between a huge custody battle. Once she break-up with her an initial husband Steve, the court notified him come pay boy support because that Ethan. However, a court filed a contempt motion against Steve in 2018, saying the he owed about $15k to Nicole in son support.

Shane Maguire is known as the relentless man who as soon as dated Nicole Curtis. They both have a son, Harper, who has actually been caught in the middle of a bitter legal fight between his parents.

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Hopefully, the agreement to preventive the boy of their distinctions holds because that the long haul.