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‘The finest known is the good wheel-head cross, now preserved in the contemporary Parish Church.’‘The Lake ar is the finest known, carefully followed by the top District and Snowdonia.’‘Coca-cola might be the world"s biggest and best recognized brand, an symbol from Troon to Timbuktu.’‘Well, I mean it was their biggest ever hit, so it"s got to be the best known.’‘We were actually riding The cool National, among the best known roller coasters in the country.’‘The finest known and most effective of his glider trials was also his last.’‘Heading south, the Uists are ideal known because that salmon, trout and also sea trout flyfishing in the lochs.’‘The search to find one the Croydon"s ideal known independent shop a brand-new home gathered pace this week.’‘He has showed up in films and also on TV but is finest known in York because that writing and starring in the pantomimes.’‘Official birdwatchers have actually issued an alert over few of the country"s ideal known species.’‘The fourth confront of Algeria is the which is ideal known through the outside world.’‘He is best known because that his Nescafe television adverts, in i beg your pardon he would certainly shake coffee beans in his hand.’‘One that Bradford"s ideal known landmarks disappeared in a puff of smoke yesterday.’‘The book gives a peep behind the curtains into the life of among the finest known and respected operatic tenors.’‘One of Cheshire"s best known empires has to be hit through a 2nd shock death in 5 years.’‘The lists likewise include one figure best known for the catalyst they gave through suffering.’‘So why placed him in the room of culture, ideal known as a ministry for non-advancement?’‘The creative composition is a world away indigenous the job-related he is ideal known for.’‘One that the finest known stage musicals of recent years is coming ago to Lancaster next week.’‘Among her best known plays is Stones in His Pockets, which opened up on Broadway in April.’