General Hospital was released in 1963 making it the longest-running American soap opera in production. In fact, it holds a Guinness human being Record for the claimed achievement. If you room an avid pan of the show, you have most most likely noticed just how rather often actors leaving GH and also get replaced.

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Now, some of these actors do ultimately make a comeback. And also one together actor is Steve Burton a.k.a. Jason Morgan. Burton premiered on basic Hospital in 1991. He continued to star in the present for a decade plus until his departure in 2012. Here’s much more on Burton’s wife, children, age, network worth, height, et cetera.

Steve Burton’s return to basic Hospital

On respectable 28, 2012, Burton announced that he would certainly leave basic Hospital in October of the year. And true to his word, his critical GH scene before his comeback was on October 26, 2012. In the scene, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is shot then kicked right into the water by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Jason is henceforth presumed dead.

However, on January 21, 2014, Billy fearbut premieres top top GH together Jason only he has amnesia and believes his name is Jake. It transforms out, Jason was lively the totality time but was organized captive by Victor Cassadine. That manages to escape however is fight by a automobile hence request multiple facial reconstructive surgeries.

Miller continued to beat Jason till ABC Daytime announced in June 2017 that Burton to be returning come GH. And also on September 19 Burton went back as patient 6 however is later well-known as the actual Jason. Miller’s casting, top top the other hand, is retconned to that of Jason’s actual pair brother, Andrew ‘Drew’ Cain.

Steve Burton wife, children, and family

Steve Burton and his mam Sheree Gustin acquired married top top January 16, 1999. The pair has three children, Makena Grace, Jack Marshall, and also Brooklyn Faith. Sheree was born on in march 12 but the precise year is unknown.

She is a nutrition coach and together with her hubby began Burton Nutrition. The firm sells all-natural commodities designed for healthy weight loss and also maintenance. They likewise sell apparels consisting of tank tops, yoga pants, sweats, t-shirts, snapbacks, flip-flops et cetera.


Caption:- Steve Burton from basic Hospital through wife Sheree Gustin and children Makena Grace, Jack Marshall, Brooklyn Faith

Sheree works very closely with her brother Jon Gustin and also his wife, Jessica Brentwood. Jon is a personal trainer and an virtual coach. He and also Jessica space the parents of Cota Lynn, Sheree and also Burton’s niece.

Steve Burton net worth, age, height

Burton was born Jack Stephen Burton top top June 28, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana come Tory and Jack Burton. He is 47 year of age. He prospered up in Richmond Heights then relocated to Holywood.

He attended and graduated native Beverly Hills High School. And also in the 90s, the studied exhilaration under chris Aable at Theatre Theatre in Hollywood. His an initial acting function was in the sitcom, the end of This people (1987-1991).

In 1991 he premiered in basic Hospital as Jason Morgan however left the soap opera in 2012. Soon after, he debuted in The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy (2013-2017). And then on September 2017, Burton went back to basic Hospital.


Caption:- 47 years old Steve Burton has a network Worth the $3 million.

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He has likewise appeared in other films and also TV shows consisting of Taken (2002), The Last lock (2001), job of Our lives (1988), and others. The voiced Cloud Strife in the English version of last Fantasy VII: development Children (2006) and also Final Fantasy VII: introduction Children complete (2009). He has likewise voiced Cloud Strife in numerous video clip games.